Cameron Gould
Boyle Paper Discussion
Fri Oct 19, 2012 2:24pm

The only progress I have made on the Boyle paper is knowing what I am probably going to write my paper about and having some planning done. I also got a good idea what this paper should look like when it’s all finished because of what we went over in class. I planned on starting this paper tonight and knocking it out like I did with the narrative. Some difficulties I expect are getting four pages out of one analysis because I am not too great at expanding on ideas. With the narrative, I had a long story to tell so it was relatively easy to put that down on paper as I had also told it many times to many people and I remember it all so vividly but an analytical paper will probably be much harder for me. I have decided to do “On for the Long Haul” and “the Human Fly,” compare and contrast to write my paper on. I have chosen these stories to write about because it should be relatively easy to talk about how Boyle feels about the agents who are involved in both stories. With the personalities for the characters in both stories, it should be easy to drive home the point about how I think Boyle feels about each person. In both stories, the characters are fairly complex but have one outstanding mindset that is the focus of the stories. Another thing I expect to be easy would be finding plenty of quotations to cite from the stories because he does make it abundantly clear the agents are there solely to profit from the clients no matter what the cost, and we get a good idea that Boyle deeply disagrees with this way of exploiting people. I expect to be able to get two and a half or three pages into the paper then have difficulty getting the last one out because I’ll probably be running low on things to talk about. I hope to get as good of a grade on this paper as I did on the last one because I was pleasantly surprised to receive my paper back in class.

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