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Maliha Talib
Literary Analysis Essay
Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:02pm

Currently I am still in the process of devising a rough outline of my Boyle paper and thus far have successfully written the introduction of said paper. I decided to start by creating a rough brainstorming chart on a dry erase board to see the underlying similarities and differences of the two short stories I chose to use for the paper. From there I determined the general theme, and the main differences of these stories in relationship to the theme. Afterwards, I made a follow-up list of key events in the story that supported these differences in order to aid in selecting the in-text citations needed to complete the paper. The most challenging part of the paper is understanding the format and structure of the essay. I have personally chosen to do the compare and contrast paper for On for the Long Haul and Big Game, with the unifying theme of obsession. In one story we see a positive obsession, whereas in the other we see the opposite. Wemp’s obsession in OFTLH is fairly innocent seeing as how he is concerned with safety. In retrospect the Benders in BG are concerned with obtaining animal furnishings for their dwellings. Regardless Boyle views these obsessions as dangerous and prevalent in every man and every situation. Another challenging element is incorporating quotes and in-text citations from the short stories into the essay as supporting details. It is difficult smoothly inserting a line from the stories into the paper itself, without losing focus or being particularly choppy. Since I am doing the compare and contrast essay, it is challenging making sure I am comparing components of the unifying theme correctly instead of the themes itself. Finally, my last concern is the page limit of the paper. I am not sure if I will be able to meet the minimum page requirement. Surprisingly enough, the actual analysis portion of the paper has proven to be the easiest. After reviewing the overall themes of the stories in class, it has been incredibly easy to comprehend the hidden meaning of the stories. Understanding the correlation between the theme of the stories and the events that take place is simple.

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