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Maliha Talib
US Education VS Global Education
Fri Nov 9, 2012 3:07pm

The topic for my research paper is that the US has an ineffective educational system that has resulted in American students having lower academic standards than those in other countries. Thus the US should move to reform their educational system to effectively compete against other countries in the field of education. I seek to argue for reform by proving the USA does in fact have a bad educational system by comparing academic scores, teacher salaries, and student interest in subjects. Academic scores that are to be compared will mostly be SAT scores as well as scores in mathematics, science, and literacy rates. Most critics argue that teachers are responsible for the minds of our youth, however, more commonly than not, teachers make a very small salary that leaves them unmotivated to teach. Nearly 40% of teachers are usually not versed in their subject and are unfit to teach. The final piece of the puzzle is students, who largely show little to no interest in learning. I am hoping to include direct quotes from subjects to prove my point for a stronger argument. I still havenít created three solid points to argue, but these are my tentative bullets. The opposing argument is that the USA has a satisfactory educational system, however in order to defeat this argument, I plan on utilizing statistics on the federal and state budgets for education and comparing the academic curriculum of schools in the US to global schools. By showing how the US is not allocating enough money to schools, and comparing the rate of learning in the USA in correlation to say for example China, it is evident that the USA is in fact behind and ignorant to the nationís pressing need for a stronger educational system. My biggest struggle thus far with my paper is trying to accumulate the correct amount of research to prove my argument, and creating three main points to support my thesis. Organizing the paper the is easier after having written the previous essay as is utilizing quotations effectively. Overall I am excited to write my paper, thought Iím worried I just might not have enough research or evidence to create a sufficient argument.

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