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Lexi Short
more in depth
Fri Nov 9, 2012 4:23pm (XFF:,

My final topic for the Argument paper after changing it multiple of time is Obama's Medicare plan. I have decided to take the position of supporting it. Since medicare is something that everyone is going to use one day, i figured that this topic was more important than the others i had in mind. The main points of the argument will be that obamas health insurance plan will insure that seniors will not lose access for their medicare. Another point is that it will improve the quality of care. It will also reduce the cost and make sure that its there in the future. Obamas plan is to make medicare more available because as people grow older it is a health insurance that they will rely on. Medicare is also a health care service that should be made effective for all people though and obama plans to make it so the cost is bearable for people with children who wouldn't be able to afford it any other way. The opposing argument would be that this plan will make the costs to high. The research i plan to incorporate to defeat this opposing argument is one that will support all the details of my main points.I also plan to incorporate why Obama believed that the medicare plan had to be changed in the first place. Obama has a plan and i am in support of this plan because it may effect me in the future as well as everyone else.

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