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Jessica Ellington
Personal Narrative
Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:33pm

With my personal narrative I had a hard time coming up with my topic because I have had a lot of events that have impacted my life. I chose an event that was recent because it is fresh on my mind and truly did have an impact on my life. I am not quite finished with my paper, however, there have been some easy parts and some challenges. One of the easiest parts for me is the first intro paragraph because all I do is state what my paper is going to be about. I do struggle with coming up with a good thesis, I try to make it seem as interesting as possible to make the reader want to keep reading. Another easy part will be writing my last closing paragraph just because I restate my thesis and key points. Even though this event had a huge impact on me I did struggle with coming up with enough information to make my paper long. At first I just stated the main details of how it impacted me but then realized it was not going to be long enough, so I had to go back and give specific examples. I sometimes also struggle with my grammar, so I have to make sure I go back and double check that. I also have and hard time with word choice, I want way paper to be different and not all the same. I try and focus on my audience and think who is reading this and why they are reading it as well as my purpose, this makes it a little easier to write. One thing I try to do is make it so the reader is interested because they may not be interested in my topic, thatís why I think it is important to have a good introductory paragraph. I do try to keep my paper organized with a logical process of my events as well as having cohesion and staying on topic. I also try to have transition and try and tie my ideas together. Writing has never really been my strong point so writing a paper is something I do struggle with sometimes.

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