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Nicholas Payne
What has been challanging about writing this paper
Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:23pm

Writing a personal narrative has its challenges. It can be hard to construct words into a logical and professional-sounding order; it can be hard to correctly express how you feel or how something has affected you in a way that allows readers to feel as you do. I think though the hardest part of writing a personal narrative for some, is dealing with the feelings that come back when discussing a crucial event in your life. Personally, it is none of those things for me. Iím having difficulty picking between specific events in my life that all had a great impact, but only one had the greatest impact. The purpose of an assignment such as this one is to allow others to look into your life and find out about you. It shows others what you are like versus what you display in everyday life situations. It can show people how you feel about things and what brought you to being who you are today. All of these things apply to my paper. The vast majority see me as who I display myself as in public. I donít have any skeletons in my closet or any ďdark secrets,Ē but I actually have a personality. I try to show it in everyday life situations, but with everyday stresses and over all exhaustion it is hard to have a personality to show. The hardest part in all this so far has been deciding what event has most impacted my personality and shaped me into who I am today. There have been so many family, friend, and major events so far that have chiseled the stone of my form, but there can be only one, that caused the most excess stone to fall off the marble. The easiest part so far has been developing my writing style. I have found it fairly easy to figure out how to write this paper and organize my thoughts into a final product. The problem is finding the thoughts the need to be organized! I have been pondering what to write about since the assignment was first given, and I am confident that I can have this paper done by the due date!

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