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Haley Holland
Reponse 9/28
Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:38pm

After turning in my paper I am proud of quite a few things. I am proud of the fact that I was able to sit down and organize thoughts, turn it in on time and pick a subject that was definitely an important moment in my life. When I was writing my paper, I actually didnít get writers block at all. In high school it would take me forever to write a paper because I didnít know how to transition my paragraphs and end my paper so I was always stuck. I am also a procrastinator so I was very proud of myself for turning it on time. When I wrote my personal narrative I set aside 30 minutes every day to work on it so by the time it was 2 days before the due date, it was finished and the last day I could edit. I like that I made sure I had extra copies of my paper so if anything at all decided to happen the morning it was due, I would be okay. I had two hard copies, an electronic copy and another copy on my flash drive. I did all of this because I have a bad memory and I tend forget things often. I am most apprehensive about how well it was written and is it good enough to get a good grade? This is the first paper I have written for any of my classes and I am very aware that college writing is different from high school. I am worried that my paper wasnít up to college writing standards and you can definitely tell it was written in a high school type fashion. I tried to avoid writing the typical 5 paragraph paper with a cheesy intro and bland conclusion. Since we had a certain type of writing style all throughout high school it was kind of hard to get away from that and write my paper how I think it should really be written. This paper is different from papers I have written before because it was all about me and I got to write it how I wanted too. I got to describe something important in my life in the order I wanted to present it and explain where it came from, how it started and how I am now. I was really telling a story in my paper instead of being assigned a specific prompt or subject that everyone had to write about. It was nice to have control over my paper and then from this I can learn what my mistakes were in the paper and what I did right.

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