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Allison Peek
9/28 Discussion
Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:23pm

Now that our personal narrative papers have been turned in, I donít have to worry about it anymore. However, now Iím anxious about having to wait and see what grade I made on my paper. I am proud of my paper overall because I have never felt like I was a strong writing through high school but I feel like this was an overall good paper. I never thought I was a strong writer in high school because I didnít know how to organize my papers really well and my ideas never flowed very well. I also never thought my introduction and conclusion paragraphs were ever my strong points. However, on this paper, I thought my introduction paragraph was strong. I am really anxious to know what grade I made on my paper and what you thought I could improve on because there is always room for improvement. Iím also very nervous that I did not do as good as I thought on this paper and ended up making a below average grade. This assignment has been more difficult than the papers I was assigned to write in high school because all the papers I had to write in high school only had to be able one or two pages long. It was harder to write a four page paper because there was more room to make mistakes. It was hard to get everything organized and to make sure that you kept your readers interested during the whole paper. It was also more difficult because in past writing assignments usually there is a specific topic that we had to write about. On this paper, we could of chose anything to write about. I had a hard time trying to think of something to write that was interesting enough to write four pages about. Also I had a hard time writing this paper because it reminded me of the hard times that Iím going through right now with my grandmother and Alzhimerís disease. Iím glad this paper is over with and I hope I did as well as I think I did on it. Now itís time to write the next one!

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