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Keelan Bozman
Fri Mar 1, 2013 1:57pm

I have a few topics in mind for my annotated bibliography; some of the topics I am considering are teen alcohol abuse, the development of modern-day scuba diving, and new technologies like phones and computers. I think that I would enjoy researching all three topics. I think of the three the one about new technologies would be the easiest to write about. It is the most recent and would probably have the up to date information about it. Teen alcohol abuse would be semi challenging to write about. Teen alcohol abuse had been around for a long time and the narrow date range for the paper would eliminate some of these creditable sources. I think scuba diving would be the hardest to write an annotated bibliography on. The sport has been around for many years and finding information relating to it will be very challenging. A lot of these topics are very broad and will require extensive research to find sources that are creditable and within the year requirement. I think that resources such as Joyner’s data base and the internet will help me find sources that I can use. When looking for sources I need to be very specific in terms of what I am looking for. For example if I Google “Teens and alcohol” I will have so much useless information, but if I narrow that search to “Teens and alcohol in 2012” I may get some creditable sources. During the library instructional session I plan on asking numerous questions about call numbers, how to find books, what resources the library offers, what the writing lab is, history of the library, and why they make me take my jacket off on the fourth floor. I think Joyner library and ECU have many resources that will help students over achieve but they will not be handed to you on a gold plate. I am determined to find these resources so I can take advantage of them and continue to be a good student. Asking these questions will further expand my knowledge of the library and help it more beneficial to me.

  • 3/1 - Kara Cayton, Fri Mar 1 1:15pm
    For the annotated bibliography paper I have considered three topics. The topics I have chosen are gun control, internet addiction, and global warming. I have chose these topics because these are... more
    • 3/1 - Keelan Bozman , Fri Mar 1 1:57pm
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