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Olivia Kutsch
3/8 Discussion
Fri Mar 8, 2013 4:29pm

Honestly, the TC Boyle stories we have been reading for class so far haven’t been as bad as I thought they were going to be. When I went to pick up the book from the bookstore before classes started, my first initial reaction was that it was one story. I am pretty sure I stood there and almost had a heart attack. I don’t have a particular favorite of the stories, I think they have all been fairly amusing. Boyle’s imagination is indeed a wild one, especially in the sense that the elephant in “The Big Game” ended up killing someone. Then there’s the body condom for the germophobic female in “Modern Love.” I think “Modern Love” was my least favorite story. It was just way too weird and uncomfortable for me to read. I sat there the whole time I was reading it and kept thinking to myself “oh my..” The way I looked at “Heart Of A Champion” was that dogs are loyal to their owners and totally missed that he was making fun of the TV show Lassie. With that being said, I clearly forgot to spend some time watching Lassie on YouTube as well. Oops. As a whole, the stories are definitely strange and not what I am used to reading, but I have come to find that that’s what keeps me interested in reading them. I also like that they are not long and drawn out. Clearly, from the writing assignment that we had on the Lassie story, I’m really bad at figuring out the point that TC Boyle tries to make. I haven’t looked at the stories other than for when we are assigned to read one in class so I don’t have any stories that I would like the class to read at this very moment. Hate to disappoint you, Mr. Bates. On the bright side, you do a fantastic job of picking stories. I feel like you seem to pick the ones with the weirdest plots. That’s fine by me though, it makes me hate reading stories a little bit less!

  • 3/8 Discussion - Lindsey Albaugh, Fri Mar 8 3:54pm
    The stories in the TC Boyle book aren’t bad. The guy writing them definitely has his type of imagination if you would call it that. The Big Game was definitely different. I like it in some ways and... more
    • 3/8 Discussion - Olivia Kutsch, Fri Mar 8 4:29pm
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