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Emily Bethea
Discussion Board 2/1/13
Fri Feb 1, 2013 1:29pm

My experiences in my English classes have included both extremes. “Both extremes” meaning barely making a good passing grade and also me passing the class with a 100 average. You could make the conclusion that I’ve had inconsistent teachers in the past from these results. I have found that when teachers are very strict about what they want in an assignment or paper I tend to get a better grade on it. I like it because you know exactly what to put in a paper or assignment so you don’t have to sit around wasting time wondering about what they want. I also have found recently, in college, is that if you meet with your professor to discuss your rough draft and ask for help, it helps my grade out tremendously. I guess you could say I’m not a very strong writer. So the extra time with the teacher helps me out a lot. What I have found that is not beneficial is when teachers don’t really care what you write about. When teachers tell you that you have a paper coming up and that it can be about anything you want. I tend to bomb those papers because I have no clue what a “good” topic is. I also find that if teachers have created a “boring” atmosphere I don’t want to pay attention in class and sometimes end up missing information that I need to know, which also makes me get a bad grade. For me to be successful in your class, its simple, create an interesting learning atmosphere. The interesting atmosphere makes me want to pay attention and I’ll also be less likely to miss information I need to know, therefore make a better grade. Also, be available to actually help your students with their papers. For me to better myself at writing I like to meet with the teacher before a paper is due. This allows me to make necessary changes to my paper in order to make a good grade. Overall, you have already made an interesting learning atmosphere and you have said that we can meet with you to discuss our rough drafts so, I think its possible for me to come out of this classes with a passing grade.

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