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Brooke Wilson
4/12 Discussion
Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:40am

At first I was considering a few different topics for my issue paper but finally settled on the death penalty as my topic. The two opposing sidesí viewpoints are those that are for the death penalty and those that are against it. There are quite a few pros and cons for this topic and many sources available to find information from. Some of the main points for each side starting with the pro side are that taxpayerís dollars are no longer going to support the care for these individuals, and this also helps to reduce the overpopulation problems in our prisons. A few other main points for the pro side is that this type of harsh punishment serves as a deterrent for future crimes committed and that this gives families who have been hurt and affected by these criminals a sense of peace, knowing that these criminals arenít still out there and still have the opportunity to commit another crime. As far as the con side goes, a few of the main points that are argued for those against the death penalty are that the overall cost of the execution process and the many appeals is far greater than a life in prison sentence and also the theory that this will prevent future crimes from being committed is debatable due to the fact that most criminals donít believe they will be caught and rarely consider the consequences prior to committing that crime. A few other main points on the con side is that sentencing a criminal to the death penalty cannot un-do their crime, therefore there should be a better use of funding to goes towards helping these crimes being committed in the first place. Also, that there is always a possibility that that person is actually innocent or that many of these people are mentally ill and need help. My topic primarily impacts the families that are involved, including both the victimís family members and the criminalís family members. Overall this does affect society because there are opposing views on this topic and it primarily becomes a debate on moral values.

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