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Colleen Aspenleiter
Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:50am (XFF:,

The topic I have chosen for the issue paper is on the matter of legalizing marijuana. It is a matter that has been in the media recently and is an active issue since a lot of people are curious what the actions of the government are going to be towards the few states that have decided to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. These states have taken the liberty upon themselves that legalizing the recreational use is a state decision that the federal government cannot override. There are many states who feel different and an interesting point to explore in my paper would be how the people of the state feel that they are one of the few that have it legalized. The two different viewpoints on the matter are whether the recreational use of marijuana should be voted yay or nay. People have opposing views because they see it as an illicit drug that plays the faultiest characteristics of a person and demonizes the use of it. Others feel since it grows naturally that it canít be bad for you and has more benefits than disadvantages for a person. The main focus of the matter is the direct benefits the use of marijuana can have on a person. There is medical use of marijuana because studies have found that it is effective in reducing certain symptoms such as pain, nausea, relieves stress as well as other benefits of patients that have cancer, multiple sclerosis and AIDs. The opposing side argues that it is more damaging to the body than helping. Smoking impacts clarity of thoughts, can be addictive, and can lead to the use of other drugs that are worse for you. The topic of legalizing marijuana is a heated topic that causes a lot of tension due to the amount of people it affects. There isn't a person that wouldn't be affected by the legalization of marijuana. I believe there is no one that wouldn't be affected because perhaps it was legalized it still wouldn't change the attitudes of those opposed. There still would be predominant tension legalized or not.

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