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Elyse Huwe
Paper Topic
Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:47pm

The topic for my final paper is cloning. I picked this topic because I originally had suggested RFID technology as a topic but after researching it, I discovered that the only con to it for the most part was an invasion of consumer privacy. It could also up the crime rate because people with homemade RFID device readers could walk past your car and know that there was a laptop that was hidden under your seat so they would then go through the effort to break in and steal it where as before your car did not look like it had anything valuable in it. But those were the only cons that I could seriously discuss in my paper.
So instead I chose the topic of cloning. Cloning is both useful and harmful. My last paper was on BioPrinting which is a form of cloning in which cells are extracted from a tissue and then are grown and printed into a 3D organ or limb. This form of cloning is know as regenerative medicine and is very useful for people who may have been injured and need a knew kidney but are having a hard time accepting a transplant. Through this form of cloning, the need for organ donors and the number of patients who die while waiting for an organ will dissipate.
One of the cons of cloning however is the morality behind it. Many people have a moral issue and see cloning as something against there religion because only god was meant to create man. Another issue concerning morality could be the uses of cloning. People would find a way to abuse the power. Someone could create a clone of themselves if they needed several organs or bone marrow just to kill the clone off. But then the question rises, is that legal? Does a clone fall under protection laws? Are they technically people too or are they just copies of people?
I think this topic will prove abundant in research and I will not have a lot of issues finding data on it. Plus it will interesting to write about.

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