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Taylor Meadows
Discussion 2/1
Fri Feb 1, 2013 3:41pm

In my previous English classes we did not really write that often. Pretty much the only time in my twelve years of schooling that they took writing seriously was my senior year and we had to do senior project and if you did not pass the senior project you could not graduate. In all of my other English classes we read a lot of stories that did not make any sense and then we would discuss them so that we could better understand the meaning of the story and then we would take tests on them.
Part of the senior project was to write a five to seven page research paper and the teachers who graded it were very harsh. When I got my paper back my grade was a low C and the person who graded my paper kept telling me that I needed to cite every single sentence in my paper and there was no comments telling my why I needed to cite every sentence. That did not sound right to me and I asked my teacher about it and she said that it was not right either. I asked her to take a look at my paper and when she gave it back she told me that the grader did that because what I cited was too long. I still was not happy with her answer and I worked very hard on that paper and felt like I deserved a better grade then a C. My mom's friend is a retired English teacher and I got her to take a look at it. She asked me to pick up a MLA book to see if my citations were right and too see if there was a rule about having a certain length and telling you were you need to put a citation if it is to long, and there was not one. So I took it back to my teacher and told her that I had researched it and had someone else read it and I tried to tell her that the person who graded my paper was wrong, but I guess she did not have time to help me so she just blew me off. I was pissed that my teacher did not even care about my grade so I told my mom and my mom's friend they said that the way my teacher was treating me was not right. A few days later my mother and her friend went to my school and had a meeting with my teacher. Which made her take another look at my paper and she realized that how my paper was graded was unfair and I got a high B after she regraded it. I would have liked to get an A but at least I my grade was not a C and I was perfectly content with a B.
I think that the way you are going to grade my papers by stamping and writing comments is the perfect way to help me become a better writer. I think that it shows me that you care enough to tell me exactly what my mistakes are and what I need to do to fix them so I do not make the same mistakes on the rest of my papers. Your way of grading will definitely be the most effective way in helping me with my writing skills.

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