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English 1200
Fri Feb 1, 2013 4:32pm

In past English classes I have had outstanding professors. All of my past English classes have been very engaging, had friendly class mates, and focused on interesting topics. In these classes I epically enjoyed the poetry and Shakespeare section of the course. In high school English classes my class mates and I always had to do group projects which were always really fun! I will always remember going to a classmateís house to do the projects and I really enjoyed it. In high school I didnít take papers seriously. I found that In high school could get by with a solid B by doing the bare minimum. Another thing I enjoyed in high school English were the short stories. I am excited to read the Boyle book in English 1200 the writing curriculum at the public school I attended was lacking. I only had to write one paper that was actually hard; this was for my senior exit project. After submitting the exit project I never saw it again and couldnít fix the errors in my seven page essay. I was aggravated because even when there was a chance to improve my writing, it was taken from me. When I came to college I realized that universities take writing way more serious than high school. I found that going to my professor's office hours helps me excel in class. Teachers sometime explain things vaguely, this has proven to be an obstacle in the course, and I can overcome this by going to the teacherís office hours to ask questions. While in the teacherís office, I ask questions about the paper, such as the format, citations, or anything that was unclear in class. Another thing that improves the quality of my papers is rewriting a draft five or six times before I submit it. Free writes also help me organize my thoughts. I think that English 1200 will be beneficial to my major and relevant to my life. I think that if my professors are available for office hours I will go ask question that will help me write to the best of my ability. I am looking forward to English 1200 and the spring semester.

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