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Elyse Huwe
Final Topic
Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:44pm

My final topic for my research paper is going to be about the life of Edgar Allen Poe and how it has affected is writing. He had a tough history encompassed by many family issues. Not to mention that there were a drastic amount of deaths during his life span mainly among his family. Living through a constant uncertainty of never knowing whom you’re going to lose next greatly influenced his writing.
For my main points, I will touch on the fact that Edgar never really knew his parents. His father left him at a young age and his mother died when he was three. He was then adopted by the Poe family but remained very distant from his adopted father. When he was old enough to attend the University of Virginia, he did but his adopted father did not give him enough money to pay it off, so he turned to gambling and ended up in even more debt. Through that, he delved himself into a harder, more tragic life. His fiancée left him and his adopted father severed all financial ties.
Poe from then on experiences many more hardships like being expelled from West Point. But he managed to hold down a position at The Southern Literary Messenger, where he became known as a cutthroat critic, but he was also able to publish a few works of his own. But unfortunately he has serious troubles with alcohol and he managed to get himself fired thus continuing his downward spiral in life. Next was the marriage to his cousin whom then died of Tuberculosis, along with the experience of watching several other people in his life die of Tuberculosis. This inspired writings like the Mask of The Red Death, and Annabel Lee.
So far the most useful source for my topic has been the Internet because I have not yet managed to get to the library for a print source. When I do go to the library, I will be picking up a complete works of his and I will be able to read further into his writings and link together what makes him so sad.

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