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Allison Brouillette
Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:35am

What I found most challenging about writing my paper was trying not to use my sources too much. In the past, I have been corrected on my papers to not rely as heavily on my sources for information. I tried really hard to only use a tiny bit of information from each sources and then build off of the information. Anther challenging part about my paper was figuring out how much information was enough to inform the reader. I knew from the start I could get so much information to put into my paper about my subtopics Although I did have a lot of information, I knew I could not cover all of it. Narrowing down the information to only the essentials was difficult because there is a lot of vocabulary the reader might not have known and I could not define it all. If I was to do so, I would get off topic and my paper would be all over the place.

I think the easiest part of the assignment was finding good, credible sources. Since I am an interior design major, I had many books with tons of information in them that I could use. They were also helpful because we had to have a certain number of print sources, which I usually have a hard time finding. Another easy part of the assignment was being able to pick any topic. If I was to be assigned a topic, and I knew very little about it, I would have been clueless. I would have had to rely on my sources much more than I did.

I believe one of the strengths in my paper was my introduction. I feel that I correctly worded it and chose my words wisely. I do not think it was too long or too short. It caught the readerís attention but cut to the chase in the thesis statement. Another strength in my paper was the flow of my paper. I believe I started with the little parts of my topic, and then built my way up, tying the information before into the upcoming paragraphs.

A weakness of my paper was that in some paragraphs, I feel like some information was not clear and to the point. I think some parts could have been more specific and not as wordy or all over the place. Also, some paragraphs could have had even more information to clearly state what I was trying to explain.

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