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Alicia Glover
3/1 Discussion
Fri Mar 1, 2013 1:22pm

Like always I am considering many different topics. I am considering writing about something along the lines of psychology. This project has to be narrowed down so I donít know if developmental psychology is too broad of a topic. I am definitely going to look at the example of the annotated bibliography provided to us. I have written one of these kinds of papers before. I like writing these more than an informative paper. Overall it is easier than the other kind of research papers. It focuses more on my strengths than my weaknesses. I have decided to do the paper on something along the lines of psychology because I want to kill two birds with one stone. In my major I have to write a lot of papers so hopefully this paper can be beneficial to me at a future time. If I think wisely then maybe I can kill three birds with one stone. I can complete the annotated bibliography, argument paper, and another psychology paper with the same work. I really donít have a clue about the type of sources I am going to use yet. Once I figure out what I am definitely writing about then I will know the answer to that. I know that we canít use any encyclopedias and we have to have at least fifteen sources. I am imaging that most of my sources are going to be print sources. Papers come easier to me whenever I have examples of what o write about. I need to spark my imagination to yield a decent paper. I donít think I have any questions about the library instruction day. I work in the library so I deal with the Joyner Library catalog quite often. I have also been to the library research instruction a lot in the past. I want to know more information about how exactly this paper is supposed to be done. I need to get started well in advance to make a good grade on this paper. I am determined to succeed on this paper, I just need a little guidance.

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