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Ashleigh Jarrell
3/1 Discussion
Fri Mar 1, 2013 4:44pm

I am considering homosexuality as my topic. Homosexuality includes a broad range of topics such as religion, marriage, family and self-identity. There are numerous articles and books written through different perspectives about homosexuality. This topic has high interest to me because I have struggled with homosexuality for many years. It has directly affected my friends and family as well as how people view me as a person. The five major religions of the world each have a different take on this subject. There are arguments for and against homosexuality in all religions. As a Christian, I have been dealing with internal conflict of homosexuality for many years. I would like to read articles on homosexuality in different religions. Another reason I chose this topic was to learn more about family dynamics and how they are affected by homosexuality. From first-hand experience I know my immediate family was affected. I would like to read scholarly articles on the psychology behind the dynamic change. The topic of family and homosexuality doesn’t just include dynamics and relationships. It also includes same-sex marriage and the debate on raising children. The topic of same-sex marriage is a topic of opinion and less scientific, which might make it hard to find scholarly articles. It might be hard to find usable articles on same-sex marriage but gender roles and self-identity are more heavily debated through science. Development and Behavior are psychology based studies. Self-identity is a large part of both of these disciplines. I think psychology and medical journals might have some information on this topic that will expand my range of knowledge. As a psychology based major and pan-sexual this subtopic interests me the most. I have found out who I am through multiple types of sexuality. I have identified as straight, lesbian, bi-sexual and pan-sexual. Pan-sexuality is an attraction to all gender identities and biological sexes. Just like homosexuality this type of sexuality is also considered taboo. I believe educated and usable pieces of writing on homosexuality and religion will be difficult to find. I want to use my library time to find article because I know it will take a little longer because my topic is mainly opinion based.

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