Alex Brink
3/8 Discussion
Fri Mar 8, 2013 10:27am

My favorite Boyle story so far is ďHeart of a Champion.Ē I absolutely loved the story. Iíve been told by people that know me well say that Iím a sarcastic asshole, so the tone of the story completely matched my personality. The story had almost the same tone of a satirical ďrantĒ about a politician that the author doesnít like.
I also like stories that go below face value. I donít like stories that a reader can easily figure out just by glancing over the words. I like having to figure things out. I like how Boyle didnít come right out and say that Lassie gave it to the coyote. Although it wasnít too hard to realize what he was talking about, he made it so that the reader had to take a second glance to understand exactly what was going on.
The only thing that I didnít like about the story is that Boyle made the sarcasm visible a little too early. I think I would have enjoyed the story more if he had drawn on a little bit further before he revealed his true purpose. It would have been more humorous (but not in the ha-ha kind of way) to find out that Boyle was poking fun at the Lassie concept if the reader would have figured it out about halfway through the story.
I must say, I was not a big fan of ďModern Love.Ē Although, like ďHeart of a Champion,Ē it was funny in its own way, it wasnít my type of story. Frankly it was just weird. Thatís not to say that I canít put up with a little weirdness in a story. After all, I really liked ďHeart of a Champion,Ē even with Lassie/coyote arrangement. ďModern LoveĒ was weird in a purely weird kind of way. In my opinion it lacked humor and there wasnít really much of a hidden meaning.
I canít say for certain, but I think my first time reading Boyle was here in this class. I canít recall any stories of his that Iíve read in the past. However, I do look forward to reading more. Although I didnít like one of his stories, Iíve found the others to be quite enjoyable.

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      At first glance when I received the Boyle book I was happy to see that each story was very short and that there was an entire section of the book entitled ďLoveĒ. To say the least, I should have not... more
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      T.C Boyle has some interesting stories. Reading them last semester I kind of got to understand his writing a little better but even then I am still usually confused after reading a story. Going over... more
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      When buying this required textbook, I thought it was going to be like every other English text you are required to purchase, useless. Professors always tell students at the beginning of the semester... more
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      To be completely honest I am not a big fan of T.C Boyleís work. To me none of the books we have read make any sense to me as far as the point of the story. The only one that has made any sense to me... more
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      When I first obtained my TC Boyle book, I didnít think we would ever use the book in class. Now that we have read a few of the stories, I really enjoy my purchase. I love the way Boyle writes and... more
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      I think the stories were a little strange but they were not too bad. Boyle seems to know how to portray the themes presented in this book and the stories seem to range from serious to funny to sexual ... more
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    • 3/8 - Rachel Blihar, Fri Mar 8 12:35pm
      Iíve enjoyed reading the TC Boyle stories. Iíve been reading his stories since last semester in English 1100 so Iíve had a little time to get used to his writing. His style of writing interests me.... more
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      The T.C Boyle's stories have been very interesting and have been a lot more entertaining than most stories that I have read. Most of the time in English class if I am forced to read something it is... more
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