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Jessica Henries
Discussion 4/5
Sun Apr 7, 2013 1:21pm

I strongly disliked doing the annotated bibliography. It was not that it was too hard; I just started out on a bad foot because I had difficulty choosing a topic. After giving it way too much thought and asking almost everyone I know, I finally chose to do the paper on school budget cuts even though I could not use it for my argumentative essay; It was something I was both interested in because of my major and I felt there would be plenty information on the subject. Taking such a long time to choose a sufficient topic took away time from actually beginning the paper. Finding sources with the library database was not a challenging task until I began to get closer to finishing. It seemed that many of the sources had the same information and I was trying really hard to find different information but there was not much variety. I was slightly nervous about citing my sources correctly because that is something I have struggled with on previous writing assignments but I followed the example that was on the class website and I believe I did it correctly. In my opinion, the easiest part of the annotated bibliography was the citing. I also enjoyed the format of the paper. I had never written an annotated bibliography and it was different than anything I had written before but I appreciated the change. Although I am still unsure if I did it correctly, the library website made it easy to acquire the information required to cite the source. Overall, I am disappointed to say that I do not feel confident about this particular writing assignment. It is not often that I take time to write something and then absolutely hate it afterwards, even after making adjustments, but this is definitely one of those times. I have accepted that even if I do receive a bad grade on this paper, at least I will have done my first annotated bibliography. I am ready to learn from my mistakes and discover what I need to do, to do better. On the Brightside, at least I am learning; I will know what to work on for the next one.

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