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Iverly Delgadillo
4/5 discussion
Sun Apr 7, 2013 2:41pm

One of the most challenging things I found doing the annotated bibliography was reading every source and choosing what was the part that distinguished that source and went in toward the bibliography. Formatting the source into MLA was a little challenging since Iím not that that good at formatting the sources and I wanted to make sure I got them right this time. The source finding was pretty easy for the most part but finding the last 5 sources was quite difficult using the EBSCO host because since they are all scholarly journals they tend to be quite specific and geared to people within the field so they were hard to understand and I would have had to read the source multiple times. I expected this bibliography to be easy and short to finish but in the contrary it was very time consuming and I continuously looked at the example on the website because I was unsure of I was doing it right throughout the process. Although it was time consuming and a little challenging I did find it to be pretty ok once you know what youíre doing, but I donít prefer this over writing an essay although it is such a basic task it just so time consuming and I did not prepare myself for that, I expected this to be like an essay in which I could finish in three days tops but this took me a lot of time in which I was not expecting and it stressed me out a lot. I guess maybe the easiest part was just writing the bibliographies once you knew what you were summarizing, they also went supposed to be that long so it made it easier. I think my annotated bibliography was okay. I wish I would have spent more time on it and I felt as though within each bibliography I repeated myself a lot. After I submitted the annotated bibliography it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, now that Itís completed I hope I donít have to do one anytime soon maybe even never if I had the choice.

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