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Kyle Smith
Annotated Bib Review
Sun Apr 7, 2013 4:40pm

What did you find most challenging about the annotated bibliography? What did you find easiest about doing the annotated bib? Now that you have submitted it, how do you feel about your Ann. Bib?

What I found most challenging while writing the Annotated Bibliography was finding valid print sources to use for my citations. It wasn't that actually writing the paper was difficult, I was just unsure about my sources as I wrote, which made me question my own writing. Forensic Science is something that I found easy to break down into many topics to use for the annotations, but I had difficulty finding sources valid for each section. The more widely known areas such as fingerprinting and DNA were easy to find but the more behind the scenes areas like ballistics and handwriting analysis were difficult to find sources for. I can understand why, it just made my life difficult. Another challenging area with this paper was the amount of time that I had to find to put into it. I spent about five nights in the library putting it all together but one of the nights consisted of around 6 hours and my ADD was getting the best of me. After breaking it up in the next few days it wasn't as bad though. The easiest part about writing the Annotated Bibliography was finds online sources to use. It sucks because these kinds of sources are abundant but when I want to find a strong and valid print source to use I can never find one. Another fairly easy concept to this paper was writing it. I didn't really find it hard to construct a good summary after I found the information to use.
After submitting my Annotated Bibliography I feel pretty good about it. At first I was a little nervous but once you explained that if the directions were followed well then it was possible to achieve a good grade, I felt better because I feel as if I followed the directions well. I also feel pretty good about it because I was ale to bring all the information together in good summaries and I also know that I did my citations well. I'm hoping that I did well enough to pull my grade up because the in class reading essays are getting the best of me. I can't seem to get above a 3, even when I've read the story.

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