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Taylor Cabaniss
4/12 Discussion
Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:55am

For my issue paper I chose to write about school uniforms in public schools. In Pitt County school uniforms were established my ninth grade year which would have been the 2008-2009 year. There were a lot of controversy about the topic and it took the board about three years to finally establish the requirements. One side of the argument would be that school uniforms will help students focus on school work and improve their grades. Instead of kids worrying about what other people are wearing in school they focus more on homework or classwork. Also the faculty was having a hard time enforcing the rules of the dress code before uniforms so they figured if everyone wore the same thing, then they wouldn’t have to debate what is appropriate attire for school or not. There is a diverse group of economic families that live in Pitt County and the board of education thought that school uniforms would be cheaper for those families that do not have extra money to spend on the latest fashion trends. Another side to this topic is that students are still trying to get away with clothing that isn’t approved by the board. When I was in school, the teachers and principals were too worried about enforcing the “name label” policy when instead they should have been teaching us. If students did not meet the policy then they were sent to in school suspension. How are they supposed to learn new material when they are sent out of class? So the kid’s grades would slip and they’re effort to care about school slowly started to drop, which let a lot of people to fail classes or drop out of school. Some students were too upset with the uniform policy that they switched schools outside of the county so they would not have to worry about it. Another thing is that we are taught to express ourselves as individuals and how are the students supposed to do that when they are forced to wear the same thing as any other school aged kid in Pitt County. This topic applies to any kid who attends any of Pitt County’s public schools. However, the focus seems to be more toward the middle school and high school kids because they are the ones who actually care about what they wear and how people perceive them.

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