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Gabriella Villalon
Re: 4/12 Discussion
Fri Apr 12, 2013 11:54am

I have decided to stick with my topic from my annotated bibliography and write my paper on the effects of video games. With the popularity of video games on the rise for almost the past twenty years, many researchers have conducted studies, further looking into the social, psychological, and physical short-term and long-term effects of video games on the human body. The main question being: are video games bad or good for you? Unfortunately, bias opinions and inconclusive data have plagued most research, but while doing my annotated bibliography, I was able to find several objective reports on the issue. I hope to paint a clear picture of both sides of the argument, and remain impartial.
Many scientists believe that playing video games leads to aggressive and anti-social behaviors. There has been much research done on the issue, but only correlation studies, which do not prove causation. On the other hand of the debate, researcher believe playing video games is beneficial to problem-solving skills and can improve coordination. I hope to find more information supporting the benefits surrounding video games because many of the articles favoring video games were editorials filled with opinions and little scientific data. So I need to look more into that side.
As for who my topic mainly targets, I was first going to focus in on young children, but video games are played by men and women of all ages, so Iím going to broaden my topic a bit. Plus, a lot of the information doesnít just include young children. I also want to go a little into the legal side of the issue and report more on some of the legislative bills that have recently hit the congressional floor. So I can show an overall possible impact of these laws on the nation.
Iím glad I picked this topic because I was extremely interested on medical information found on the effects of video games. Also, Iím an avid video game player, so I wanted to find out more information on what activities Iím taking part in. Itís an very interesting topic and in the next few years, there is going to be more results found on the topic.

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