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Kyle Smith
Issue Paper
Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:14pm

What topic have you decided on for your issue paper? What are the two opposing sides' viewpoints? What are some of the main points for each side? Who does your topic primarily impact?

For my issue paper I'm debating between topics still. For this response I'm going to use the legalization of la ganja. It's basically a given what the two sides to this issue are, making it legal or to keep it illegal. Filling one side of the debate are the youth who really just don't care if it's legal or not and the ones who adamantly want it legalized. Now most of these kids and youth want it legalized for personal reasons and really know nothing of the debate, but still. On the other side of the fence you have people who want it to stay legal and are beginning to have a hard time fighting it, especially now that it has become medically legal in some places and fully legal in Colorado and California for example.
On the side of wanting to legalize marijuana the point that it is simply a plant, it just grows like that and if you just so happen to set it on fire, there are some effects. The debate is also made that there are really no BAD effects from Mary Jane. If marijuana did not used to be illegal, why is it illegal today? One more point that is made it that marijuana may be regulated the same way alcohol is with age limits. Points from the other direction basically are just the opposite. It is argued that marijuana is a gateway drug, it has effects that provide negative influence, and will be very difficult to regulate.
My topic will primarily impact the youth. Even today, with it being illegal, it is widely used by the young people of America. Now I'm not saying the older people don't smoke weed too, but it is more broadly used among young people both as a social influence and also just for personal use. If it is legalized it will simply make the use more public. Honestly not much will change minus the giving out of tickets and arresting people. The longer that marijuana stays illegal, the more it will be an issue. I feel as if this could be a strong topic for my paper.

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