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Jessica Henries
Discussion 4/12
Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:19pm

After much consideration, I have chosen to write my issue paper on a subject that I can related to, school uniforms in public schools. This is a topic that has gained much attention and popularity over the last few years. After doing my annotated bibliography, I discovered I was not passionate about the budget cuts in schools topic that I had chosen and my lack of desire showed in the essays final outcome. School uniforms are something that I am personally familiar because I attended a school with uniforms in place. I was never for or against the uniforms and therefore I believe that I retain an unbiased opinion on the subject. It has been argued both for and against for as long as the school first issued the new uniform rule and I believe that my school is not the only one that ran into arguments. On one side, people believe that the uniforms are having a positive impact on education. The restricted choice in clothing allows students to focus less every morning on what they should wear and more on their school work. It is also believed that the uniforms affect student behaviors. I have heard that there were studies done that showed with uniforms in place there was a decrease of violence in schools. The other side of the argument believes that uniforms may actually be restricting creativity and individuality. It is argued that students are no longer allowed to be themselves and instead are being forced to conform to their peers. Several students have even showed lower self-esteem due to the unflattering outcome of their attire. In some instances, it has even become difficult for families to purchase uniforms because of the high demand in recent years. This information is just information that I have gained through everyday knowledge so I know that there will be available information on the matter. I believe that my topic not only impacts the students who are being required to wear the uniforms but also parents who purchase the clothing and teachers who have been opted to enforce the new dress code.

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