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Taylor Morgan
discussion 4/12
Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:06pm

For my issue paper Iíve decided to write about the topic of abortion. This seems to be a highly debated topic and is an issue for many teens in the US. There have been several television shows of how teen pregnancy has affected lives for both the parents and the child. The question that comes from this is abortion and whether or not it should be allowed. There are several cases however, that bring up this debated decision of taking the life of an unborn infant. Some teens are just irresponsible with the decision to use contraceptives; yet, there are cases where victims of rape get pregnant and never have a decision of any kind.
Other cases where people argue for abortion would be if the pregnancy is or could cause fatal harm to the child or parent. Some women die during pregnancy because they were unable to give birth properly and they knew in the beginning they probably werenít going to live through it. In this case people argue that, yes, abortion is taking away the life of someone but in this case if you donít abort it you will loose the life of someone anyways. The question is do you take the life away from someone who has been living and could possibly keep living a great life or take the life away from someone who doesnít know life yet and could possibly live it without a mother.
People argue against abortion because they say that no matter what the situation you should always take responsibility for your actions no matter what the consequence. Abortion is killing and there is never a good reason for taking the life of someone no matter the situation. There are plenty of other options like adoption. If you are unable to raise a child because you had unprotected sex then you should give it a better life by putting it up for adoption.
While these are all good points I still think there is a story to every situation and until you are in the shoes of that person you should not be allowed to tell someone what to do. When I was younger I used to think that abortion was completely wrong but now I realize it was because I didnít fully understand that there are so many different situations and personally if I was placed with a decision like that, Iím not quite sure what I would do.

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