Alex Brink
4/26 Discussion
Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:26pm

My experience in ENGL 1200 in this semester has been very, very different than my previous English classes. Never before have I heard a professor with a mouth like Mr. Bates. For that reason, and others, I really liked the class. It was a nice changeup from all of my other classes, especially the class I have right after English where the professor feels the need to clarify and justify everything he says to make sure he doesnít offend anyone. Thatís really annoying.

I found Mr. Batesí comments on my paper to be very beneficial. I discovered in the informative paper that he has a bullshit detector that canít be fooled. Never again will I turn in a paper with the words ďsome,Ē ďmany,Ē ďfew,Ē etc. I like how he forced us to back up all of our information. I was able to get away with adding my own little bullshit facts in high school papers, but this class forced me to break that habit.

I also really liked all the Boyle stories. I canít really pinpoint a story that I didnít like, but I had my favorites. The stories require a great deal of thought to understand. Reading the stories forces you to use your comprehension skills to the max (some stories more than others). I feel like my reading comprehension skills have greatly improved due to the Boyle stories. It may be a stretch, but I might try to read a few more this summer too.

Although it was a pain in the ass, I liked the annotated bib because it gave me a chance to get acquainted with the libraryís databases. It also gave me a chance to read some really good scholarly articles related to my major. I found the annotations themselves to be really easy and hard to get wrong (although by the grade distribution it seems like many did), but the process itself was beneficial.

What I didnít like was Mr. Batesí constant smart-ass attitude. Just kidding. That part made the class fun and exciting. What I really didnít find beneficial was watching that Youtube video in the link to this class discussion. Thatís a good minute of my life that Iíll never get back.

Another part of the class that I found a bit questionable was all the mini writing assignments. Iím not quite sure of their purpose, but I guess itís to force us to be creative and think about our writing. It was a little bit annoying that we never really got any feedback on those mini assignments, but I guess thatís fair since theyíre not graded. It would be nice to at least have some collective feedback throughout the class. Maybe like a quick word on how you could improve your writing assignments at the halfway point and end of the class.

Iíd also like to make a quick note about your grading, Mr. Bates. I really like classes where I have to work for the A. Iím not trying to brag, but I have a few classes right now where I could make a 60 on the final and still end the class with an A. In this class, I really donít know if Iíll be able to get the A. Iím hoping my revisions to the informative paper bring it up to an A or A-. Iím busting my ass on the issue paper right now to try to make the A on that. This class wasnít easy, and I like that. After I get my grades back, if I donít make the A, Iíll at least be able to say that you challenged me and made me a better writer and student. Thanks for a good semester.

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