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Grace Turner
3/2 Discussion
Fri Mar 1, 2013 2:46pm

I have had an extremely hard time trying to come up with a topic for my annotated bibliography. I have wanted to find a topic that I can incorporate into my issue paper, but that is proving to be really hard as well. At first I was trying to stick to things I was interested in, that didn't necessarily have to correlate to an issue paper. Of course, naturally, my first thought again was the Holocaust. There are a lot of different topics I could do for this, such as eugenics, other groups persecuted by the Nazi's, the history of the Nazi's themselves, etc. I think that would also make a lot of sources available to me. Sources that would be the most helpful I believe would be books, documentaries, and web articles from credible sources such as PBS and the National Holocaust Memorial Museum. Another direction I thought of was my major passion, working with kids. What topics could I do that relate to working with children, that could also be an argument paper? A major one I thought of was spanking/using physical punishment as a punishment for kids that misbehave. We have extensively discussed it in my child development class and I think there are pro's and con's to both sides and feel truly unbiased about it. I also believe I could find a lot of sources about this. The most invaluable sources I believe would be social/medical journals and studies that have put the topic into practice, websites, and maybe a few books. Another topic I thought of was antidepressant and antianxiety drugs and whether or not they should be administered to teenagers or young people. This is another subject I truly see both sides of and really would like to research further. I would look mainly to science journals and books for this topic. Those are the true major ones I have thought of so far that are not too horribly cliche and typical. I am still waiting for the "lightbulb" moment (or "Aha!" Moment as Oprah calls us) where I realize the exact topic that I want to write about, but it has yet to happen. I am going to spend time this weekend researching all of the topics I have thought about so far and then see if the evidence I find shows a clear winner. So far I have no questions about the library day!

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