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Chandler Brown
Fri Mar 1, 2013 4:21pm

The topic I am considering writing about for my Annotated Bibliography is about dance being considered as a sport. I want to write about this because I have been dancing for 17 years and have been active in competitive dance for 12 years. Throughout my life I have always heard people talk about how dance isnít a sport and criticize dancers by not giving them the credit they deserve for all of their hard work. Dance involves technique, strength, endurance, commitment and many more aspects that other sports involve. Not only are dancers competing like athletes to win but they are also performing and being judged at the same time. To be good at a sport you have to train and practice to be the best, as we all know no one can walk onto a team with no prior practice or training and be good at that sport, the same thing applies for dancers. A lot of people believe that dance is easy and that any one can do it, but until they try for themselves they never know how hard it truly is to be a good dancer. I found that when writing my Informative paper the most useful resource for me was the books in the library and the East Carolina University Library catalog. In the ECU Library catalog the database allows you to narrow your search, so that will be helpful when searching for resources from 2008 until now. The books that the library provides will also help me a lot because sports are a big part of our country and a lot of people to research on sports and what it means to be an athlete. The main question I have for the Annotated Bibliography is, what kind of books do I need to look into the most? Should I use resources that studentís have put on the ECU Library website or just stick to books on my topic?

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