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Alexis Briley
DB 2/1
Fri Feb 1, 2013 4:34pm

My past experiences in English, specifically writing papers, began my freshman year of high school. My teacher freshman year would also be my AP English teacher junior year. Mrs. Hutchinson was a great teacher who teaches very similarly to you, Professor Bates. Keeping the class interesting in a learning environment I find is difficult for most teachers, but this is the way to best communicate with students.
What I really enjoyed about Mrs. Hutchinson was that she was bluntly honest with you. Although some people found this offensive, I believe it made me a better writer. The first research paper I ever wrote was in her AP English class junior year. The way she taught us how to make our notecards and cite sources was extremely helpful in organizing the paper and is something I will not forget. This proved true when we had to write another research paper to go along with our senior project the following year.
My senior year English class was mainly about completing our senior project which was required to graduate. The teacher- who I will leave unnamed do to still teaching in Pitt County Schools- should not have been teaching at such a high grade level. She did not give good feedback on papers, did not use proper English, and worst of all, she was just plain lazy. One of our tests on a book we were reading were the same short answer essay questions on sparknotes. Now, did I make a good grade in her class? Yes. Did I learn anything? No. This is why I believe the best teachers are some of the hardest.
I appreciate when teachers are tougher. This does not mean they care less, it means they care more. They want to make you a better student. This is what I expect of you and by you explaining to us what you are looking for in our writing will help tremendously, which you have already done. I know I am not the best writer, but taking advantage of your office hours to get advice and assistance on the papers we write I feel like will benefit me the best.

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