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Shelby Collins
No Subject
Fri Feb 1, 2013 4:40pm

In all honesty, I have never been an English class fan. It is rare for me to ever read for leisure so reading novels and analyzing them to a tee was never appealing to me. Although analyzing the story helps me to better understand what I have just read, I feel like in previous years my teachers would ask questions that were irrelevant to the story and didnít help me understand the story or the theme. Finding an authorís rhetorical strategies within a prompt is not something I wish to do when I read; I wish to enjoy the story rather than breaking down the mechanics of the writing. This technique detracts from my ability to fully understand and appreciate the story. To improve my reading and analyzing skills this semester, I would like to be able to focus on the development of the characters rather than the nit picky details. I feel like in previous years I was not being taught to develop my own writing style, I was taught to write about otherís writing styles. Teachers would often focus on mimicking otherís writing styles and discard my personal ability and talent. This contributed to my inconsistency in my writing through out the years. Even though Iíve had intelligent teachers in the past I always found English to be to abstract. My teachers in high school expected different writing styles in accordance with their personal views and experiences, so it was difficult to develop my own. I want to be able to improve the flow and organize my thoughts and ideas. To help me to better develop as a writer and improve my writing style it would be beneficial for you to judge my writing as a whole within the context of my own personal style and abilities and help me improve on my own foundations rather than change my writing style completely. I hope to read new novels and develop my analytical skills. As for writing, I would like to be able incorporate diction, imagery, and metaphors to add layers and substance. This semester I hope to become a stronger writer.

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