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Adam Tuck
Response 1
Fri Feb 1, 2013 4:57pm

Over the course of many eras, the ability to translate our thoughts, intelligence, and emotion have taken us to astonishing places. Places both for the good and the bad. Stories are passed down among generations to explain the world and unfortunately misinterpret it. Language and communication have been the keystone to the progression of the human race, as well as other species.

It has always been important to me to have an understanding of dialogue and discourse. I want to learn to take a word and use it at a maximun potential. Language is not bounded by the same laws that mathematics contains. Every person can have his or her own unique way to transcribe the same message. The english classes that I have enjoyed the most are the ones which put the least limitation on writing assignments. My best experience so far has been during senior year. The class was, for the most part, based on creative writing. The beginning of each class would begin with a simple question. After only a few moments, the question will have taken you to an unexpected area of thought. And the writing would become profound; at least to yourself. The classes in which the teacher would restrict the students from creating their own topics have always been more of a struggle. Staying within the guidelines of the teacher's template can take away from what the student truly wants to say. I believe that when a student can learn how to describe what they really think, is when they become appreciative of the language. In class writing and discussion has always been an important part to an english class. This is something that I would like to see continued through out the semester. It is always good when the teacher can be critical and add advice to the paper. It helps to better understand what the teacher wants to see and how the student should see it. Knowing that this could be the last required english course I take through out college, I hope to get the most out of this semester and put language to my advantage.

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