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Chandler Brown
Topic for informative paper 2/8
Fri Feb 8, 2013 2:19pm

I am going to write my informative paper about Parkinsonís disease. Parkinsonís disease deals with certain nerves in the brain. These nerves control movement in the body. When the nerves stop producing dopamine it impairs the bodies ability to move. Another effect of Parkinsonís is memory loss. I have chosen to write about this topic because my grandfather died in 2008 because of Parkinsonís. He had to undergo multiple test and procedures for six years and the doctors found no cure for the disease that had taken over his body. Not only is Parkinsonís not curable, but doctors have not found what causes the nerves in the brain to stop working. The main question I have is, what could be the primary cause of Parkinsonís? Although doctors have not found a cure for the disease I will do research on what steps doctors and researchers have taken to come close to finding a possible cure for people diagnosed with it in the future. I only know what Parkinsonís is from my own experience; so I will have to research things such as at what age do people usually get diagnosed with Parkinsonís? Can it be passed down to other family members? Are there any lifestyle changes that could reduce the chance of having Parkinsonís? Will there ever be a chance of getting rid of the disease completely? The form of Parkinsonís my grandfather had was Parkinsonís plus. Parkinsonís plus is a more severe form of just Parkinsonís alone. I will incorporate the different types of Parkinsonís there are and distinguish the different types of Parkinsonís in my informative paper. Many people suffer from Parkinsonís or know a person who has it. By doing this paper I can become more educated about the topic and get answers to all the questions I have about the terrible disease. Another question I have is, is this disease severe enough throughout the United States that doctors are concerned about finding a cure for it? By doing the research I hope to find a majority of the questions I have to help me have a better understanding of the disease.

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