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Grace Turner
Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:28pm

I found the most challenging thing to be making sure my paper was focused and organized. Because I did such an interesting and widely researched topic, I had a LOT of research to choose from and different subtopics I could cover within the paper. It took a long time for me to be able to decide what I wanted my main points to be and what the reader would find to be the most beneficial to know. I eventually decided on the camp history, daily lives of prisoners, and the liberation to be the most significant topics dealing with the Holocaust concentration camp Auschwitz. For me, the easiest part of the assignment of the informative essay was finding research. Between the Internet and print there are several ways to learn more about Auschwitz from credible and knowledgable sources. There are many Holocaust scholars in the world that have done extensive work on Auschwitz and can most accurately depict the place it was. While in the past finding sources has been my least favorite part of a paper. However for the informative essay I found finding sources easy and my reading was fascinating. It was really easy. The paper in general wasn't too difficult but that was easily the simplest aspect. I think my strength was finding really interesting information from a variety of sources that a reader with interest in the Holocaust would find to be worth reading. I tried to find the most thought provoking examples of things as possible. I also think the paper covered all the bases I set out to accomplish in my introductory paragraph. My weakness I think was trying to keep a clear focus and direction throughout the paper since there was so much information to be worked with. I hope it turned out alright in the end though!

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