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hope feeds back at weeeknds looking like gonna
Wed Oct 12, 2016 8:58pm

change again

    • Yeah, probably, also noticed IMG3EU went off air for a while too. Thought it had gone back to fibre, but it's back now.
      • yer (nm) - murg, Thu Oct 13 7:44pm
        • from www.satelliweb.com/ - stevethejack, Sat Oct 15 2:09pm
          Eutelsat 10A (10.0°E) Frequency: 11305 - Pol: H - SR: 22500 - FEC: 3/4 Category: Sport - Football Transmitted in: MPEG-4 crypté Comments: EPL mux 4 ch enc (tanberg new)
          • Hate to be the bearer of bad news..... - Dave D, Sun Oct 16 1:39pm
            ... but, there were no keys available for those games, only the 'highlights' feeds. They have now started to encrypt the ECM stream, so no more keys for the foreseeable future.
          • Also - stevethejack, Sat Oct 15 2:34pm
            7E 12572 H 7120 MPEG 4 – 4:2:0 – HDTV EPL 3x MUXX T 84 01 EDB30CBA1EFB0500 Going to have to get that new Technomate box :-)
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