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Mr Angry
Re: ViaFREE Sverige
Sun Aug 5, 2018 11:05pm

Cheers mate. You're a king.

  • Re: ViaFREE Sverige - manic01, Sun Aug 5 4:09pm
    Sent message to owner, dont hold your breath.
    • Re: ViaFREE Sverige - Mr Angry, Sun Aug 5 11:05pm
      • @manic01 - Mr Angry, Sat Aug 11 10:32am
        Is there a probation type period for the Technomate site? When I click on one of links to download files, I get this message - Technomate Community Forum - Error You do not have permission to view... more
        • Re: @manic01 - manic01, Sat Aug 11 1:18pm
          ok Username same as here?
          • Re: @manic01 - Mr Angry, Sat Aug 11 1:40pm
            No mate. Cosmic Truth. Thanks, agains.
            • Re: @manic01 - manic01, Sat Aug 11 1:45pm
              log on there now so they can see you. Not sure if will be sorted today or not. But go on there now if poss.
              • Re: @manic01 - Mr Angry, Sat Aug 11 2:19pm
                I'm on now. It doesn't have to be right away mate, just whenever it suits the admin guys to sort me out.
                • Re: @manic01 - manic01, Sat Aug 11 2:23pm
                  Your not showing online, you were the other day. Can you not reply to anything either?
                  • Re: @manic01 - Mr Angry, Sat Aug 11 2:39pm
                    No. I get this message on each thread. (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)
      • Signed up, loving it.... Thanks (nm) - stevethejack, Mon Aug 6 10:37pm
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