RE: Ashley
Thu Jul 18, 2013 18:39

In our tech group that was one of the things we talked about, that we enjoyed being able to physically write on printed materials, especially for learning purposes. Dr. K shared with us something called Crocdoc (http://personal.crocodoc.com/). It allows you to mark on PDFs the way that you could write on a printed text. Theoretically you could copy and paste text from a web page and make a PDF to write on with Crocdoc if the original text was not in PDF. Neat huh?

  • Re: Breanna - Ashley Dezern, Wed Jul 17 22:03
    I'm like you in that I feel like I better comprehend what I have read if I print it out. I tend to not read everything if it's online I do a lot of skimming through. If I really need to be... more
    • RE: Ashley - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 18:39
      • Re: lohrmk - Ashley Dezern, Thu Jul 18 20:04
        Thanks so much for sharing about that site because I have never heard of it but would enjoy using it.
    • Re: Breanna - Breanna Hooks, Thu Jul 18 05:26
      I was also surprised by the young adults wanting paper to read on. I would think they would enjoy digital.
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