vocabulary app
Sat Jul 20, 2013 11:49

I thought I would share my favorite and most recommended vocabulary App with you following your post. It is The Free Dictionary by Farlex; the thing that makes it so great is that they have a customizable homepage and they send you a word of the day everyday. Farlex has article of the day, quote of the day,this day in history, this birthday, in the news,word match-up game, spelling bee game,hangman game, and word within words game--which is kind of a challenge. Thw word of the day has the definition, usage, and synonyms with it always and anonyms if there are any.

  • Online reading - Ashley Dezern, Wed Jul 17 21:49
    I read the article by Dalton and Grisham about 10 ways to use technology to help teach vocabulary. With vocabulary playing a significant role in common core I thought it was great to see how to... more
    • vocabulary app - Cindi, Sat Jul 20 11:49
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