Tea, etc.
Sun Jul 7, 2013 18:49

Yes, I remember staying till 8:00 at night my first few years of teaching. You do have to take some time for yourself or you will burn out. I still stay till about 5:00 most nights but I just try to be as efficient as possible while at work. I also learned that there are some things that you have to let go of. Perfection doesn't exist. I do the best I can and I know that some things I won't get finished when I leave but I try to give myself a cut off time and stick with it. That helps me to prioritize what I HAVE to get done and what can wait til later. I also always take a little break whenever I do get home, even if it's just 20 minutes where I do nothing but sit and stare at a wall, lol. I like Celestial Seasonings "Tension Tamer" and "Sleepy Time" teas. I also really like chamomile tea!

  • relaxing - Karie Steelman, Sun Jul 7 15:39
    I just finished my 3rd teaching and I get so focused on planning and worrying about everything. My co-workers have said I need to let go sometimes (even though they spend HOURS after school). SO my... more
    • Tea, etc. - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:49
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