Vocabulary-Interactive Notebook
Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:14

I helped my daughter create an interactive notebook for learning vocabulary this past year. It was a wonderful learning tool for her. We will be doing it again this year, for sure. Interactive notebooks work well for all content areas and are great beginning in the 4th grade when students go from learning to read to reading to learn. All of the content terminology they have to pick up and retain. The notebooks wind up being very personalized 'textbooks' that they built for themselves.

  • Vocabulary Journals - Robyn Pickering, Wed Jul 17 20:29
    I've never done vocabulary journals, but I have done a tech version of the Rosenbaum organizer on Glogster. Students are able to illustrate their word that way. I've also done a paper version where... more
    • Vocabulary-Interactive Notebook - Cindi, Sat Jul 20 12:14
    • Re:Robyn - Heather Fisher, Thu Jul 18 09:42
      I love it! Thanks for the ideas and for making vocabulary fun!
    • RE: Vocab Journals - lohrmk, Thu Jul 18 00:52
      I do something similar to your vocabulary four square. I call it a word web (the original idea I got it from it looked like a web but it is easier and more roomie to split or fold the paper into... more
    • Re: Vocabulary Journals - Brittany McDaniel, Wed Jul 17 20:45
      Those are good ideas. I have been looking for some good vocabulary activities to use with my 5th graders.
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