Natalie Kabel
Re: Breanna Hooks Intro
Sun Jul 7, 2013 19:29

Yeah for finishing early!! I'm glad you got your name changed was is it a total pain to change your name? I remember doing that last year and realized how much of a pain it was!!

  • Breanna Hooks Intro - Breanna Hooks, Sun Jul 7 15:53
    Hi!! My name is Breanna Hooks, some may know me as Fehr but I FINALLY got around to changing my name through ASU! It only took me about a year! I am a second grade teacher at Wallburg Elementary in... more
    • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Brittany McDaniel, Sun Jul 7 23:21
      I am also graduating in December!! I am taking 3 classes within the next month and know that there is going to be very little down time but am so glad that these are "quick" classes. I look forward... more
      • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Breanna Hooks, Mon Jul 8 18:55
        YAY! It's nice to know we are going to graduate in December. You are right though these classes will be quick!
    • Re: Breanna - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 20:30
      I'm glad you were able to get your name changed. Schools love to take a while about that. I went for an interview in Davidson County this summer. It seem like a great county to teach in.
      • Re: Breanna - Breanna Hooks, Mon Jul 8 18:59
        Thanks! It took a while with Davidson County to change my name but ASU was very quick! What school did you interview at? Davidson County is a great county to work in. Do you live in Davidson County?
    • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 19:29
      • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Breanna hooks, Sun Jul 7 20:28
        You know, I never attempted it because everyone said how much of a pain it was but it really wasn't! Just one paper and a copy of my license. They changed it the same day they got my fax!
    • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 16:18
      Breanna, I look forward to working with you again. I have enjoyed our journey together through the Master's Program!!
      • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Breanna Hooks, Mon Jul 8 19:04
        Lindsay, It has been fun! I can't believe we will be graduating in December!
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