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Sun Jul 7, 2013 20:00


I am interested to know what types of books have you done for read aloud in fourth grade? I am trying to read as much as I can this summer to prepare for the school year, however; the summer is really getting away from me! I have read the BFG and am in the middle of Sign of the Beaver. I have enjoyed both of those and have found excellent figurative language. You have taught in many counties, what have you found to be the biggest difference county to county?

  • Maria Lohr - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 10:02
    My name is Maria Lohr. This is my final class in the program (yay August 2nd)! I have been teaching for 10 years, almost exclusively upper elementary. The past several years I've taught fourth grade... more
    • Re: Maria Lohr - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 09:53
      Congratulations on this being your last class!
    • Re: Maria Lohr - Brittany McDaniel, Sun Jul 7 23:27
      Maria, it sounds like you have a great deal of experience with different school systems as well as different grades. I am also glad to be graduating this Decemeber so that I can focus more time on... more
    • Tech Club Group - Heather Fisher, Sun Jul 7 20:09
      One more thing, would you like to be in a tech club group with me since we are both upper grades?
      • Yes! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 10:30
        That sounds great! Consider me a member! :)
      • Tech Group - Brittany, Sun Jul 7 23:18
        If you need another member in your tech group I would love to join since I am also upper grades.
        • FYI - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 19:16
          I added you to the group!
        • Sure thing! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 10:31
          That sounds good to me! :)
    • Maria Lohr Reply - Heather Fisher, Sun Jul 7 20:00
      • Read Alouds - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 11:03
        I have done all sorts of books for read aloud. I've read Harry Potter, Fever 1793, The Lemonade War (a favorite), Percy Jackson, The City of Ember, Sedako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, The Tale of... more
        • Thank you! - Heather Fisher, Mon Jul 8 11:20
          Thank you so much for the read aloud ideas. I just pinned alot of fourth and fifth grade read alouds to my Pinterest board "Tools for Literacy." I agree that "big kids" still want to be read to and... more
    • Congratulations!!!! - Cristina Ward, Sun Jul 7 17:42
      Hi Maria, I'm so happy for you. You are almost there...!!! I'm also glad that you will have more time to spend with your children, especially your son, who will be transitioning into Kindergarten.... more
      • Thank you - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:17
        Thank you!!! I am so glad to be finishing up. It has been a busy summer but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!
        • Re: Congratulations! - Cristina Ward, Sun Jul 7 18:22
          You really should be proud of yourself, not only for the step you took in the beginning, to start with your Master's, but to finish it up ( especially having all the extra chores and little babies at ... more
          • Tell me about it! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:37
            Yes, they don't really understand that mommy has to do work right now and dinner doesn't cook itself. I have probably typed nearly half of all of my papers for this program with a child either... more
    • Re: Maria Lohr - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 16:12
      Maria, Way to go! I bet its feels great to start your final class to complete your Master's Degree. Based on your bio, I bet you stay very busy. I hope you are enjoying your summer with your... more
      • Thank you! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:25
        I have had a very busy summer so far. Last session I took teaching the language arts in addition to product and seminar. It was a lot of work but I enjoyed all that I did and learned, so that made it ... more
        • Re: Thank you! - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:13
          I agree. I have enjoyed working with such a great group of ladies!!!
    • relaxing - Karie Steelman, Sun Jul 7 15:39
      I just finished my 3rd teaching and I get so focused on planning and worrying about everything. My co-workers have said I need to let go sometimes (even though they spend HOURS after school). SO my... more
      • Tea, etc. - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:49
        Yes, I remember staying till 8:00 at night my first few years of teaching. You do have to take some time for yourself or you will burn out. I still stay till about 5:00 most nights but I just try to... more
    • hugging agreement - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 14:46
      I have three grown boys who all hugged both my wife and me until they were 7 or 8. The oldest and youngest hugged longer. None of them hugged me often as teens, but now that they're college age and... more
      • I hope so! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 19:07
        He was never one to snuggle, not even as a baby. He has his moments but they don't last too long. He's just so busy off and doing something, exploring. I figure, regardless, I want to hug him and so... more
    • Maria - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 11:54
      I'm from Wilkes :) Which school did you teach at? I can't imagine going through the program and having such young kids, so I'm sure you're excited to be graduating!
      • Wilkes - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:55
        I taught at Mountain View Elementary for two years (2007-2009).
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