Robyn Pickering
Re: Marcia
Sun Jul 7, 2013 21:21

Marcia, I've thought about moving to a middle school setting in the next few years, but I haven't completely made up my mind yet. Part of me feels like I might do more good in high school trying to help those students who are struggling so late in the game. As a high school teacher, I have seen that there are few of us with an understanding of the reading process or how to reach struggling reading. It's not something you focus on during undergraduate work in your content area. My personal goal at the moment is to create some professional development things I can give to my fellow teachers to help them teach struggling readers in their classroom. We'll have to see where my post graduate career takes me.

  • Response to Robyn - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 20:52
    Hi Robyn. Congrats on the graduation. I live in Caldwell County and found you to be my closest neighbor in class. Was wondering if you plan to move into the elementary/middle school setting to help... more
    • Re: Marcia - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 21:21
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