Cindi Bradshaw
Mon Jul 8, 2013 10:41

Hello Linsey,

I too will be graduating in December, although my cohort was not supposed to graduate until next summer. With the legislature wanting to axe pay increase for master level teachers who do not have their degrees before the end of this year most all of the colleges in the UNC system got together and agreed to work towards accelerating the prgorams of students who were so far along. So, like you summer has been extremely busy.

I hope to learn a lot in this class. My school is full of a lot of 'old shcool' teachers that do not utilize technology to its fullest extent. Our district implemented BYOD last year and I embraced it to the fullest, but I met a lot of resistence on my hall from my co-workers. I hope that by bringing back some viable resources I can maybe change some minds or at least soften up some of the hardness.

  • Lindsay Aaron Introduction - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 15:46
    Hi! My name is Lindsay Aaron. I am a third grade teacher in Davidson County. I will be graduating this December. I am extremely excited. I have had a very busy summer, to ensure that I do graduate in ... more
    • Lindsay Aaron Reply - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 14:26
      I too am looking forward to the chance to learn about new technologies and other tools to use in the classroom. That is one thing I have enjoyed so much about the graduate program; the opportunity to ... more
      • Re: Lindsay Aaron Reply - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:03
        I too am looking forward to being introduced to new ways of incorporating technology. I think it will be very helpful with the new common core standards!
        • I agree! - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 20:09
          As we are doing things my brain keeps going "Oh this meets that standard and this meets that standard." LOL!
          • Re: I agree! - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 10 21:04
            I know exactly what you mean!!
    • Lindsay Intro - Natalie Kabel, Mon Jul 8 14:05
      Hey Lindsay! I think you are in the same boat as a lot of us! We are all working frantically to make sure that we graduate by December but I know that we'll get through it!
      • Re: Lindsay Intro - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:05
        Yes we definitely are all in the same boat and doing everything we can to be sure we get what we deserve. Look forward to working with you in our many classes together!
    • reply-Lindsey - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 10:41
      • Re: reply-Lindsey - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:08
        I was not supposed to graduate until next summer either. The 18 credit hours this summer is making it possible. I am so thankful for everything all the instructors are doing to ensure our graduation. ... more
        • reply-BYOD - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 9 08:51
          Lindsey, Yes, that is where the students bring their own device to school and use it for educational purposes. Many 'old school' teachers are afraid of BYOD because they fear that students will be... more
          • Re: reply-BYOD - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 10 15:24
            Cindi, that is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me! It sounds like it is a great tool. I plan to talk to my principal about it next year if I have enough students who... more
          • Re: reply-BYOD - Lindsay Aaron, Tue Jul 9 15:37
            That is great! I have students beg to bring their ipad and tables to school so that the can use them during out SSR time. I think it would be so great! I would just require monitoring by the teacher. ... more
            • BYOD - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 9 16:39
              Lindsay, BYOD is awesome!! I had 3 computers in my classroom last year for 30 students---you do the math, not to mention 1 of the 3 did not work all year long. BYOD is so relevant; here is an... more
    • Lindsay Aaron Reply - Heather Fisher, Sun Jul 7 19:54
      Lindsay, I didn't know that you were almost done with the program! That is exciting. I have taken several classes this summer as well to ensure that I will be completed in December. I have enjoyed... more
      • Re: Lindsay Aaron Reply - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:10
        I look forward to working with you in our Tech Group!!! :)
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