Heather Fisher
Upper grades reading
Mon Jul 8, 2013 18:00

I have enjoyed upper grades this year, however; it is more outside of class reading on my part to be prepared for discussions in class. I find that I am reading much slower and trying to think more critically myself as a reader so I can encourage my students to do the same. I am excited to read more books this summer to prepare for my students this year. I want to really hook my kids into some great books this year and create book clubs with blogs that my kids can discuss books critically together and on their own.

  • Upper Grades Love - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 11:20
    When I first started teaching I wasn't really sure what grade level I wanted to teach. The school I got a job with only had positions in the upper elementary and so I found myself there. I have... more
    • Upper grades reading - Heather Fisher, Mon Jul 8 18:00
      • upper grades reading - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 19:34
        There is some really amazing literature out there for older readers. I do response journals with my students and that really helps me to learn about personal interests and even meet some new authors... more
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