Heather Fisher
Upper grades vs. Lower Grades
Mon Jul 8, 2013 18:04


I have gone back and forth between which grade I like best, I have come to the conclusion that both of them have positives and honestly, I can't decide. I love lower grades reading because I can teach alot of foundational reading skills, but I love upper grades because I can encourage my students to think critically. In both grades I enjoy hooking my students as readers to wonderful literature, however; in upper grades I am finding that to be a bit harder because the texts are longer so I am spending alot of my time reading on my own. I am excited to bring a year of experience into this coming school year and hope to be more organized and prepared for the students and my instruction.

  • Hey! - Natalie Kabel, Mon Jul 8 13:55
    Hey Heather! It looks like we have another class together again! I'm glad to see that you enjoy teaching the upper grades. There is no way on earth that I would teach the upper grades but some people ... more
    • Upper grades vs. Lower Grades - Heather Fisher, Mon Jul 8 18:04
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