Brittany McDaniel
Re: Introductions
Mon Jul 8, 2013 18:45

I am Brittany McDaniel. I will also be graduating in December. I have taught for 2 years in Yadkin County. My first year, I taught 3rd grade at East Bend and was then moved to 5th grade at Courtney this past year due to budget cuts. I have a 16 month old daughter so when I am not teaching or doing schoolwork my time is spent with her and family.

  • Introductions - David Koppenhaver, Sat Jul 6 18:30
    Please introduce yourself here. Tell us something about who you are personally and professionally, where you are in the program, etc. You will find my introduction as a model. Reply to 3-5... more
    • Introduction - Rebecca Bond, Mon Jul 8 22:28
      I am Rebecca Bond, but everyone calls me Becky. I live in Hickory with my husband, two children, and one puppy. I teach second grade at a wonderful elementary school in Catawba County. I started the... more
      • Familiar Face - Paige Moretz, Tue Jul 9 12:29
        Hi Becky! Glad to "see" a familiar face in class! Congrats on being close to finishing up!
      • Fellow Catawba Co. Teacher - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 22:34
        Hello! I also teach here in Catawba County. What school are you at? I teach fourth grade at Sherrills Ford. My husband and I have two kids as well. I have a five year old son who will be starting... more
        • reply - Rebecca Bond, Mon Jul 8 22:48
          I teach at Clyde Campbell. My son is 5 and starting Kindergarten as well. My daughter will be going into second grade. It will be nice to have both of them with me at school. Will your son go to... more
          • Yes! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 22:58
            Yes, he will be coming to Sherrills Ford with me. I am trying not to be overbearing about it, lol! I teach fourth grade so I'll be at the complete opposite end of the school from him, which I think... more
      • Hi! and want to be in a tech group together? - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 22:30
        Hi Becky! Hope your day went well! Want to be in a tech group together?
        • Reply - Rebecca Bond, Mon Jul 8 22:33
          Yes, I would love to. I saw you already signed up though. I replied to Debby to be in "MId-Techies". I think it's just us two, though. Come join me.
    • Heather Fisher Intro - Heather Fisher, Mon Jul 8 22:22
      Hello! My name is Heather Fisher and I teach fourth grade at Ibraham Elementary. I taught first grade for 2 1/2 years at Walkertown Elementary and then moved to Ibraham to teach fourth last summer. I ... more
    • Introduction - Debby Wyant, Mon Jul 8 21:19
      I love family and have raised my 5 sons and now enjoy 3 beautiful grandchildren also. I teach 3rd grade in Yadkin County. At night and on weekends, I am a musician and love 'pickin' with my friends.... more
      • Hello and Join your tech group? - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 22:29
        Hi Debby! I also have grown children but and waiting for grandchildren! I have a grand-dog though!!!! Looking forward to our class together. Would it be ok if I joined your tech group?
      • Sounds like fun! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 21:41
        That just sounds so fascinating! How interesting! What kind of music do you guys play? Do you ever perform for live audiences?
    • Introduction - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 21:06
      HI Folks! My name is Myra Leonhardt. I teach 1st grade in Morganton, NC. The upcoming year is my 14th year of teaching (8 years in Kindergarten and 6 in 1st grade). Love those little ones! I began... more
      • Reply - Rebecca Bond, Mon Jul 8 22:37
        Myra, you are such a sweet person and dedicated to everything you do! You are a great teacher! I am so glad you are taking this class.
      • Hello Again! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 21:37
        Hey Myra! I'm not sure if you remember me or not but we were in Dr. Meyers class together this past Spring. I look forward to being in class with you again! ~ Maria Lohr/
        • Hello and Join your tech group? - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 21:39
          Hi! I just replied in another spot about joining your group? Would that be ok?
          • Hey pt. 2 - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 22:06
            Marcia is confirmed for our group. Sorry Myra! I am sure there are others still looking for a group. Good luck!
            • tech group - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 22:25
              Oh I just edited it but will take my name off. Sooo sorry! That is fine. No problem.
              • Not a problem! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 22:32
                Honestly, not a problem at all. You will be an awesome addition to any group you are a part of! :) I think someone put a post up about needing group members though.
          • Hey - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 22:02
            Normally I would absolutely love to have you in a group, however, I think Marcia is going to be our fourth group member. If that falls through for some reason I will let you know and you can... more
    • Introduction - Ashley Dezern, Mon Jul 8 20:31
      Hey! My name is Ashley Dezern. I graduated from Lees-McRae in 2010. This will be my fourth year teaching 2nd grade. I teach at Courtney Elementary School. I will be finished with my masters in... more
      • reply - Rebecca Bond, Mon Jul 8 22:52
        Me either! I love teaching second grade though. It is a great age and just enough independence without getting into too much trouble.
      • Hey - Hannah Andrews, Mon Jul 8 21:54
        I will also be finished with my masters in December and I have been teaching second grade for six years. It's the best!
      • Yea Lees-McRae! - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 21:09
        Hi Ashley! I graduated with my degree from Lees-McRae in 2003. I attended the 1st distance program provided in Burke County and loved my professors! Did you have Dr. Ita Kilbride?
    • Introduction - Cristina Ward, Mon Jul 8 19:33
      Hi everyone! My name is Christina Ward. This is my third year at Yadkin County Schools ( Yadkinville Elementary ).I am an English as a Second Language teacher (ESL)there. I feel very excited and... more
      • Re: Introduction - Debby Wyant, Mon Jul 8 21:26
        Hey Cristina, I understand about having family far away. My babies live in Pennsylvania and so does my husband's family. We use Skpe often to 'visit' with them. It's a great tool for long distance... more
      • Similar Interests - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 21:14
        Hi Christina! We have similar hobbies. I also love to hike, photograph flowers and family, and absolutely love the beach! My favorite hike is Hawksbill in Morganton, NC. If you have not been on that... more
      • Fascinating - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 19:39
        Where does your family live? Do you find it hard to be far away from them? My mother is an ESL teacher in Buncombe County. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!
        • Thank you! - Cristina Ward, Mon Jul 8 20:02
          My family is scattered around Europe mainly Germany and Switzerland. Yes, I miss them, but thanks to technology I don't feel them so far away :). I visit them when I can, but this is home for me now! ... more
          • Europe - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 20:12
            A friend of mine lives in Austria. She loves it there. I've personally never been but the pictures she posts on Facebook are just breath-taking. I'm glad technology can help you feel closer to your... more
            • Re:Europe! - Cristina Ward, Mon Jul 8 20:20
              I think every place has its charm! I also love the mountains in North Carolina and TN !!!
    • Re: Introductions - Brittany McDaniel, Mon Jul 8 18:45
      • Hey - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 19:44
        How are you enjoying fifth grade? I know some people don't enjoy that grade level, but I taught it for a year before moving to fourth grade and I really enjoyed it. I'm kind of partial to the older... more
    • Introduction - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 18:13
      I am Cindi Bradshaw and I teach middle school in Morganton, NC. Last year I taught 8th graders and this year I will be moving down to teach 6th graders because we need an AIG teacher on the 6th grade ... more
      • Hello - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 20:23
        It sounds like you stay busy between teaching, traveling, and your non-profit work. What all do you do with those programs? I enjoy traveling too. I've been all over the eastern United States but I... more
        • Non-profit work - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 9 09:08
          I sit on the board of directors at two non-profits. The first is a 12 month discipleship program for men with alcohol and drug addiction. The men commit to come to the house and live for 12 months in ... more
          • Fascinating - lohrmk, Thu Jul 11 22:30
            Wow, I can tell you are very passionate about the work that you do. It sounds amazing and like you are really doing things that make a difference in people's lives. I agree so much with what you said ... more
    • Hey - Hannah Andrews, Mon Jul 8 15:26
      I'm Hannah Andrews and I have been teaching second grade for six years. I teach at Fall Creek Elementary and I am the mom of a three year old. I love to spend time with my family and I love to shop.... more
      • Hello - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 21:23
        Hi Hannah, I have never taught second grade but would love to try it! My experience is with Kindergarten and 1st. Congrats on your upcoming graduation!
      • Congrats! - Paige Moretz, Mon Jul 8 18:20
        Hannah, Congratulations on being almost done! You said "hopefully" but I'll bet you'll do it. :) Second grade is one of my favorite age groups. I haven't narrowed down what age I want to teach, but... more
      • welcome - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:40
        Sounds like a great life. Three-year-olds, second graders, and the beach are all pretty easy to like:-)
    • Tech Group...Anyone? - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 11:40
      I created a tech group. Right now it is Karie Steelman and I. We both tech first grade. If you would like to be in our tech group...edit the page and add your name. I thought this might be easier.... more
      • Like to join your tech group - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 21:16
        Hi Morgan, I also teach first grade and would like to join your group if you still need a member.
      • great problem-solving - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:41
        Morgan, great way to manage this task! You go, girl!
    • Tech Group - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 23:51
      Would anyone like to join a tech group?
      • Are you still looking? - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 20:40
        If you are still looking for Tech Group Members, our group only needs one more person, I think. You are welcome to join.
        • Joining your tech group - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 21:37
          Hi Maria, We had Dr. Meyers class in the spring together. I would like to join your group if you still need a member.
        • Tech Group - Marcia Cornett, Mon Jul 8 21:26
          That would be great if you are still looking.
      • Tech Group - Cristina Ward, Mon Jul 8 02:20
        I would like to join your tech group! :)
    • Intro to me :) - Morgan Williams, Sun Jul 7 21:49
      Hey! I am Morgan Williams. I graduated from App in 2003. This will be my 6th year teaching. I taught Second Grade for a year and a half, and then moved to First. I have been teaching First at... more
      • Re: Intro to me :) - Debby Wyant, Mon Jul 8 21:48
        Morgan, I love art also and reading. I have spent many year gardening to feed all my kids, but spend summers in Pennsylvania these last few years with the grandkids. I gave up gardening at this... more
        • Re: Intro to me :) - Morgan WIlliams, Tue Jul 9 13:57
          Hey Debby- That is awesome that you get to travel to Penn in the summers. Sometimes I think it would be really nice to have somewhere to escape too. What do you like to paint? I am with you on the... more
      • Re: Morgan - Ashley Dezern, Mon Jul 8 20:40
        I like introducing myself on here too because I would also have a red face if we were doing this in a classroom. :)
      • Hi! - Paige Moretz, Mon Jul 8 18:18
        Morgan, I feel just as awkward introducing myself here as I do in class! I like art too! What are you into? Do you make art, or do you look at art. That might have been worded poorly, but you know... more
        • Re: Hi! - Morgan Williams, Tue Jul 9 14:01
          Hey Paige....That is awesome about the Andy Warhol art exhibit! I went to a few of the exhibits when I was up there. I heard they have art walks on King street now? I hate I missed those. I like... more
      • tech intros and art - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:46
        It is interesting how some folks flourish in a tech environment who don't like speaking up in class. One of the repeated conversations around threaded discussion differences from in-class is that in... more
        • Re: tech intros and art - Morgan Williams, Tue Jul 9 14:10
          Good point about speaking out in Public. I am sure you see so many students you probably don't remember, but I had during Block 1 (where we were taught how to teach reading). I really like to paint... more
      • Hi! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 14:30
        Hello Morgan! I also enjoy reading. I would rather read a book than watch TV. In fact, I watch very little television. I have always wanted to garden but I tend to kill plants. My thumb is most... more
        • Re: Hi! - Morgan WIlliams, Tue Jul 9 14:14
          I am the exact same way! I feel like I just don't have time for T.V, or I might be too ADD to sit in front of it very long. I like this, but hate it, because I always feel like I am so behind when it ... more
          • Favorite Book.... - lohrmk, Thu Jul 11 22:23
            That is a tough question for me actually. I love so many books. On the scale of all time favorites list my stock answer is Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Although, I very much loved Great... more
      • reply-Morgan and Tech Group - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 10:49
        Morgan, I was wanting to see if your tech group was full. I thought that I read some where that you will be teaching 6th grade for the first time and I figured that since I will be teaching 6th grade ... more
        • Upper Grade Tech Group - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 14:34
          Cindi, if you are interested, we have a tech group that is currently two fourth grade teachers and one fifth grade teacher if you would like to join. We are all in that early adolescent band and... more
          • tech group - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 14:37
            That would be wonderful. Thanks so much for your help.
            • Ok - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 19:14
              I added you.
        • Cindi - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 11:35
          Hey Cindi...I actually teach First grade. If you still want to be in a tech group with me you can. Its me and Karie Steelman right now.
      • Re: Intro to me :) - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 09:40
        I just read my intro from last night. I actually graduated high school in 2003, and from App in 2007.
      • Re: Morgan - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 22:58
        There are some definite advantages and disadvantages to working through technology. Like you, I always feel a little awkward introducing myself in a class, but I do enjoy getting to see people's... more
    • Introduction - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 20:44
      Hi everyone. My name is Marcia Cornett and I just graduated with my bachelors in Elementary Education from App. This is my first class for my masters. I am excited to learn some new skills to teach... more
      • Hang in there! - Myra Leonhardt, Mon Jul 8 21:28
        Good to meet you Marcia! Don't lose heart! You will get a job! This profession is worth every minute! When you see kids you have taught grow up and come back to you with a hug and sharing of special... more
      • job will work out - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:50
        Wow are you juggling a complicated life! My guess is a job will work out if you are patient--I read recently that avg teacher in NC is now lasting 18 mos. That means, despite budget issues there are... more
      • Welcome! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 11:23
        Congratulations on finishing your Bachelors and welcome to the Masters program. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the program and have learned so much! How old are your kids? I have two children... more
      • Re: Introduction - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 01:06
        Hey Marcia. I can relate to you practicing on your children. I did my student teaching in First Grade the same time that my sister was in First Grade, and I was living at home. I used to come home... more
      • Re: Introduction - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 20:51
        Marcia, that is awesome that you are going straight into your Master's Degree. Are you going to begin teaching this Fall or wait until you are done with your Master's? Way to go on beginning a... more
        • Re: Introduction - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 21:16
          Lindsay, I hope to find a job. I have placed applications everywhere from Caldwell County to the outer banks. I do not wish to move due to custody with my boys and coaching cheerleading at the local... more
          • Re: Introduction - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 18:58
            Aw great! I am hoping to become a cheerleading coach in a few years as well. Good luck on the job hunt! I wish you the best!
    • Heather Fisher intro - Heather Fisher, Sun Jul 7 19:56
      Hello! My name is Heather Fisher and I teach fourth grade at Ibraham Elementary. I taught first grade for 2 1/2 years at Walkertown Elementary and then moved to Ibraham to teach fourth last summer. I ... more
      • Hey! - Natalie Kabel, Mon Jul 8 13:55
        Hey Heather! It looks like we have another class together again! I'm glad to see that you enjoy teaching the upper grades. There is no way on earth that I would teach the upper grades but some people ... more
        • Upper grades vs. Lower Grades - Heather Fisher, Mon Jul 8 18:04
          Natalie, I have gone back and forth between which grade I like best, I have come to the conclusion that both of them have positives and honestly, I can't decide. I love lower grades reading because I ... more
      • Upper Grades Love - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 11:20
        When I first started teaching I wasn't really sure what grade level I wanted to teach. The school I got a job with only had positions in the upper elementary and so I found myself there. I have... more
        • Upper grades reading - Heather Fisher, Mon Jul 8 18:00
          I have enjoyed upper grades this year, however; it is more outside of class reading on my part to be prepared for discussions in class. I find that I am reading much slower and trying to think more... more
          • upper grades reading - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 19:34
            There is some really amazing literature out there for older readers. I do response journals with my students and that really helps me to learn about personal interests and even meet some new authors... more
      • Hello, again! - hobsonkd, Sun Jul 7 22:30
        Hi, Heather! I enjoyed working with you in Dr. Jackson's class during our last summer session. I am looking forward to our continued studies together! I have taught kindergarten for two years but... more
      • Re: Heather Fisher intro - Anonymous, Sun Jul 7 20:49
        Heather, I bet you are ecstatic that you will be finished this summer. I too have enjoyed the program at ASU. Now that you are in fourth grade, would you ever go back to first?
      • Instructional Strategies - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 20:43
        Hi Heather. The reason I went into the reading program was to learning as many new strategies as I could. I completed my student teaching in a classroom which was extremely diverse in reading levels... more
      • Re: Heather Fisher - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 20:33
        Hi Heather, Woot for this being your last class!! That's quite an accomplishment. I know this program and the new common core have made me a more critical reader over the last year. Like you I am... more
    • Breanna Hooks Intro - Breanna Hooks, Sun Jul 7 15:53
      Hi!! My name is Breanna Hooks, some may know me as Fehr but I FINALLY got around to changing my name through ASU! It only took me about a year! I am a second grade teacher at Wallburg Elementary in... more
      • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Brittany McDaniel, Sun Jul 7 23:21
        I am also graduating in December!! I am taking 3 classes within the next month and know that there is going to be very little down time but am so glad that these are "quick" classes. I look forward... more
        • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Breanna Hooks, Mon Jul 8 18:55
          YAY! It's nice to know we are going to graduate in December. You are right though these classes will be quick!
      • Re: Breanna - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 20:30
        I'm glad you were able to get your name changed. Schools love to take a while about that. I went for an interview in Davidson County this summer. It seem like a great county to teach in.
        • Re: Breanna - Breanna Hooks, Mon Jul 8 18:59
          Thanks! It took a while with Davidson County to change my name but ASU was very quick! What school did you interview at? Davidson County is a great county to work in. Do you live in Davidson County?
      • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 19:29
        Yeah for finishing early!! I'm glad you got your name changed was is it a total pain to change your name? I remember doing that last year and realized how much of a pain it was!!
        • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Breanna hooks, Sun Jul 7 20:28
          You know, I never attempted it because everyone said how much of a pain it was but it really wasn't! Just one paper and a copy of my license. They changed it the same day they got my fax!
      • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 16:18
        Breanna, I look forward to working with you again. I have enjoyed our journey together through the Master's Program!!
        • Re: Breanna Hooks Intro - Breanna Hooks, Mon Jul 8 19:04
          Lindsay, It has been fun! I can't believe we will be graduating in December!
    • Lindsay Aaron Introduction - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 15:46
      Hi! My name is Lindsay Aaron. I am a third grade teacher in Davidson County. I will be graduating this December. I am extremely excited. I have had a very busy summer, to ensure that I do graduate in ... more
      • Lindsay Aaron Reply - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 14:26
        I too am looking forward to the chance to learn about new technologies and other tools to use in the classroom. That is one thing I have enjoyed so much about the graduate program; the opportunity to ... more
        • Re: Lindsay Aaron Reply - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:03
          I too am looking forward to being introduced to new ways of incorporating technology. I think it will be very helpful with the new common core standards!
          • I agree! - lohrmk, Wed Jul 10 20:09
            As we are doing things my brain keeps going "Oh this meets that standard and this meets that standard." LOL!
            • Re: I agree! - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 10 21:04
              I know exactly what you mean!!
      • Lindsay Intro - Natalie Kabel, Mon Jul 8 14:05
        Hey Lindsay! I think you are in the same boat as a lot of us! We are all working frantically to make sure that we graduate by December but I know that we'll get through it!
        • Re: Lindsay Intro - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:05
          Yes we definitely are all in the same boat and doing everything we can to be sure we get what we deserve. Look forward to working with you in our many classes together!
      • reply-Lindsey - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 10:41
        Hello Linsey, I too will be graduating in December, although my cohort was not supposed to graduate until next summer. With the legislature wanting to axe pay increase for master level teachers who... more
        • Re: reply-Lindsey - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:08
          I was not supposed to graduate until next summer either. The 18 credit hours this summer is making it possible. I am so thankful for everything all the instructors are doing to ensure our graduation. ... more
          • reply-BYOD - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 9 08:51
            Lindsey, Yes, that is where the students bring their own device to school and use it for educational purposes. Many 'old school' teachers are afraid of BYOD because they fear that students will be... more
            • Re: reply-BYOD - Lindsay Aaron, Wed Jul 10 15:24
              Cindi, that is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me! It sounds like it is a great tool. I plan to talk to my principal about it next year if I have enough students who... more
            • Re: reply-BYOD - Lindsay Aaron, Tue Jul 9 15:37
              That is great! I have students beg to bring their ipad and tables to school so that the can use them during out SSR time. I think it would be so great! I would just require monitoring by the teacher. ... more
              • BYOD - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 9 16:39
                Lindsay, BYOD is awesome!! I had 3 computers in my classroom last year for 30 students---you do the math, not to mention 1 of the 3 did not work all year long. BYOD is so relevant; here is an... more
      • Lindsay Aaron Reply - Heather Fisher, Sun Jul 7 19:54
        Lindsay, I didn't know that you were almost done with the program! That is exciting. I have taken several classes this summer as well to ensure that I will be completed in December. I have enjoyed... more
        • Re: Lindsay Aaron Reply - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:10
          I look forward to working with you in our Tech Group!!! :)
    • Karie's Introduction - Karie Steelman, Sun Jul 7 15:14
      Hello everyone! My name is Karie Steelman and I teach First Grade in Yadkin County (Yadkinville Elementary School). I have been teaching 3 years and I will graduate Grad school in December!! Thank... more
      • Re Karie's Intro - Ashley Dezern, Mon Jul 8 16:50
        I also like to look at/get ideas from Pinterest in my free time.
      • Hey - Hannah Andrews, Mon Jul 8 15:31
        Hey Karie, I am also looking forward to school start next year! maybe I'm a nerd too. I can't wait to be finished with school in December!
      • Re: Karie Steelman - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 20:28
        If you're a nerd Karie I am too. I too am looking forward to this coming school year. Partially because I miss my students and partially because I want to try out more of the things I've learned in... more
      • Karie Steelman reply - Heather Fisher, Sun Jul 7 20:07
        Karie, Do you know Tamara or Jamie? I think they are Pre-K and K. I did a project with them in Advanced Children's Literature. I think they are at YES. Congratulations on your graduation!
        • small world - Karie Steelman, Mon Jul 8 21:03
          Yes I do! I didn't know Tamara was getting her Masters! She is so sweet :)
      • Reply Karie - Breanna Hooks, Sun Jul 7 15:57
        Hey Karie! Yay for graduating in December! Yes, thank you Dr. K and everyone else! It's nice to know someone is on our side! I have a love/hate relationship with pinterest. I love the stuff I find on ... more
      • Re: Karie's Introduction - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 15:49
        Karie, I am working with two first grader this summer at the ASU Summer Reading Clinic. I love that age. I will also be graduating in December. So grateful for everything that is being done by those... more
      • Yeah Early!! - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 15:23
        Doesn't it feel good to graduate early???? I am SO thankful for Dr K and everyone else who has helped us graduate early!! How do you like teaching 1st grade?
        • love it! - Karie Steelman, Sun Jul 7 15:32
          I love it! I have wanted to teach 1st grade my whole life! :) It can be really challenging having to teach objectives from the common core that they are just not developmentally ready for, but I... more
    • Paige's Introduction - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 14:07
      Hi, everyone! My name is Paige Moretz, and I am currently an undergraduate student at ASU. I am a special education major, but reading education has always been my main interest. I am taking a few... more
      • Hey - Natalie Kabel, Mon Jul 8 13:58
        Hey Paige I'm glad to see that you are still pursuing your masters even though they probably won't have the pay. BUT you never know! They might bring it back into play :) One can only hope! I love... more
      • Re: Paige's Introduction - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 10:02
        Hey Paige! What kind of crafting do you like to do? I am crafty too.
        • All Kinds!! - Paige Moretz, Mon Jul 8 12:11
          Morgan, I do a variety of crafting, but I enjoy knitting and pottery. I also like painting and sketching. Pottery is probably my favorite. What types of crafting are you into?
      • Hi!!!! - Cristina Ward, Sun Jul 7 17:03
        Hi Paige, I'm excited to be working along with you. It's great to read that you are so passionate about your studies and teaching. It really is a rewarding profession when you see the smiles on the... more
        • :) - Paige Moretz, Mon Jul 8 18:14
          Cindy, Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I'm excited about working with you too! I have to admit I'm a little intimidated being with the veterans, but I know I can learn a lot from you all!!... more
      • Paige's Reply - Breanna Hooks, Sun Jul 7 16:21
        Hey Paige! Smart girl taking graduate classes as an undergraduate! We do not know if the pay will be there for a Master's Degree but if they take it away there will be a lot of educators leaving.... more
        • Money - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 16:54
          Breanna, I am really conflicted about teacher pay. I love teaching. I have missed doing it over this summer, and working in an office job part-time this summer has reminded me of why I wanted to be a ... more
          • Re: Money - Breanna Hooks, Mon Jul 8 19:08
            It is a conflicting thing. Your happiness is what matters. I promise you, if you don't love it you won't last long! :) The weather has been the same here! It is really odd for us. I really like... more
      • Re: Paige's Introduction - Anonymous, Sun Jul 7 15:53
        Good for you! Way to get a head start on your Master's Degree. I look forward to getting to know you! So glad you decided to take the class.
      • welcome - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 15:39
        Glad you could join the class. I think you can do all of the assignments in preparation for teaching, as opposed to preparing for your actual class. If any of the assignments doesn't seem to fit,... more
        • I'll Remember That! - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 16:44
          I think this class will be great to start a collection of electronic resources. Between your class last fall and Dr. Ward's, I am getting a nice assortment of reading resources. I'll try to remember... more
    • Kassy's Introduction - hobsonkd, Sun Jul 7 13:13
      Hello new friends! I am Kassy Hobson, kindergarten teacher in Yadkin County (East Bend Elementary). I have just completed my second year teaching and I absolutely love it! I will now complete my... more
      • Welcome!!! - Cristina Ward, Sun Jul 7 17:12
        Hi Kassy, It's great to be working with you again. This time a technology class. I was so impressed with your wonderful books you and your little Kindergarten students created last year for the... more
        • Yay! We meet again! - hobsonkd 127, Sun Jul 7 20:42
          Hope you're doing great! I'm so exited to work with you again! :-)
      • Re: Kassy's Introduction - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 16:06
        Kassy, I also just completed my second year teaching. I am in the same boat as you and will now graduate in December. You seem like a dog lover. I have two Yorkies, Milli and Toby. Excited to get to... more
        • Yorkies - hobsonkd 127, Sun Jul 7 20:39
          YES! I'm a total dog lover. Yorkers are sooo cute! I'm excited to work with you, too! :-)
          • Yorkies-Big Dog - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:12
            Yes. I am hoping to get a big now in the near future. Looking at getting a Golden Doodle, because of my allergies!!!
      • Reply Kassy - Breanna Hooks, Sun Jul 7 16:06
        Hey Kassy! Is it a far drive to East Bend Elementary? I live in Winston Salem also and I just remember the drive to Yadkin for a class. Isn't it exciting that you will be graduating in December? How... more
        • Commute - hobsonkd 127, Sun Jul 7 20:38
          Oh yes, the commute is not takes me about 30 minutes to get to school each day. The drive (to & from) usually gives me time to clear my head, so I don't mind it too much. I cannot wait to... more
          • Re: Commute - Breanna Hooks, Mon Jul 8 19:12
            I understand about the drive clearing your head. I used to drive 50 minutes one way to school. I also liked the time to clear my head but it got pretty costly! I have 3 classes this summer, also. I... more
      • Hi - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 15:11
        Hi Kassy, what do you think about the new Common core curriculum with Kindergarten? Do you find it to be a lot more challenging? Where in Winston Salem do you live? I live down by the Village Tavern... more
        • To my Tech Group member :-) - hobsonkd 127, Sun Jul 7 20:35
          I am actually pretty happy with the new common core curriculum. Being a newer teacher I wasn't as attached to the original NCSCOS, so the change was mild. I feel that the curriculum's expectations... more
      • Kinders - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 14:27
        Kassy, I was afraid of Kindergarteners until my internship this past spring. There's just so much you can do in terms of literacy with the little ones. And do they ever keep you on your toes!... more
      • admiration - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 13:21
        I have enormous respect for kindergarten teachers. I love 5-year-olds for about 60 minutes a day. I have no idea how you work with them 5-6 hrs a day! Winston-Salem is a wonderful place to live. I... more
        • Thanks! - hobsonkd, Sun Jul 7 13:34
          HA! Yes, five year olds have their difficult moments! They are lots of fun, though!
    • Robyn's Introduction - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 11:51
      My name is Robyn Pickering. I am a high school English teacher in Wilkes County NC. I've been teaching tenth grade for the last two years since I graduated from Western Carolina University. I joined... more
      • Re: Robyn - Ashley Dezern, Mon Jul 8 20:44
        I enjoyed working with you in Dr. Jackson's class can't wait to learn new things in this class. :)
      • Re: Robyn's Introduction - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 09:48
        Hey Robyn! I think it is awesome that you saw your students struggling to read and you decided to do something to help them. Do you feel like you have learned a lot in this program that would apply... more
      • Response to Robyn - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 20:52
        Hi Robyn. Congrats on the graduation. I live in Caldwell County and found you to be my closest neighbor in class. Was wondering if you plan to move into the elementary/middle school setting to help... more
        • Re: Marcia - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 21:21
          Marcia, I've thought about moving to a middle school setting in the next few years, but I haven't completely made up my mind yet. Part of me feels like I might do more good in high school trying to... more
      • Hi!!!! - Cristina Ward, Sun Jul 7 17:30
        Hi Robyn, I'm glad to be working with you side by side, in this technology class. When you mentioned that you are a High School English teacher and your struggling students. I had to remember some... more
        • Re: Hi! - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 23:03
          Cristina, I find it ironic sometimes that literacy isn't per say a focus in the high school English classroom. I think we as high school teachers expect students to come to us with the skills... more
      • Pinny! - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 15:13
        I LOVE Pinterest!! I could find things for my classroom all the time! It's insane what people post on there and some of the tings that you can do!
        • love it!! - Karie Steelman, Sun Jul 7 15:17
          I had to reply to this because I'M OBSESSED WITH PINTEREST! I love all the things I find for my classroom and craft ideas. I just wish I had enough time to actually try all of the things that I find! ... more
      • Re: Robyn's Introduction - Anonymous, Sun Jul 7 14:13
        Robyn, I live in Deep Gap, and I have family from the Yellow Hill area of Wilkes! Although I love App, I like WCU too. Ironically, I have family who went there as well. It amazes me how many older... more
        • Anonymous is Paige Moretz - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 14:44
          Sorry Robyn! I didn't attach my name to that post! My name is Paige. I'm hoping that by the end of these next three weeks I'll be able to navigate this messaging system! :)
      • Broader thanks to Rdg Program - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 13:18
        Thanks are definitely due to Dr. Trathen for figuring out how to help you and many of your classmates finish up before December, and for negotiating letters of agreement with schools that they will... more
        • Couldn't Agree More!!! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 19:15
          I have always just loved and appreciated the support from the faculty at ASU. You all have a special place in my heart for all that you have done for the students at App. I think it really shows how... more
      • Pinterest=Love - hobsonkd, Sun Jul 7 12:45
        Robyn, I looooooove Pinterest, too! I am fully capable of (and guilty for) "poking" around the site for hours!
        • Re: Pinterest = Love - Robyn Pickering, Mon Jul 8 22:52
          I've found some great things for my classroom on that website that's for sure.
        • pinterest = love - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 19:20
          I too spend way too much time on Pinterest. I made the mistake of installing the app on my phone. Now, anytime I'm waiting around somewhere I find myself just aimlessly browsing pins because it is... more
          • Pinterest - Hannah Andrews, Mon Jul 8 15:34
            I am also a lover of Pinterest! I have found some wonderful classroom ideas!
          • Agreed - hobsonkd 127, Sun Jul 7 20:43
            I could not agree more! :-)
    • Maria Lohr - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 10:02
      My name is Maria Lohr. This is my final class in the program (yay August 2nd)! I have been teaching for 10 years, almost exclusively upper elementary. The past several years I've taught fourth grade... more
      • Re: Maria Lohr - Morgan Williams, Mon Jul 8 09:53
        Congratulations on this being your last class!
      • Re: Maria Lohr - Brittany McDaniel, Sun Jul 7 23:27
        Maria, it sounds like you have a great deal of experience with different school systems as well as different grades. I am also glad to be graduating this Decemeber so that I can focus more time on... more
      • Tech Club Group - Heather Fisher, Sun Jul 7 20:09
        One more thing, would you like to be in a tech club group with me since we are both upper grades?
        • Yes! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 10:30
          That sounds great! Consider me a member! :)
        • Tech Group - Brittany, Sun Jul 7 23:18
          If you need another member in your tech group I would love to join since I am also upper grades.
          • FYI - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 19:16
            I added you to the group!
          • Sure thing! - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 10:31
            That sounds good to me! :)
      • Maria Lohr Reply - Heather Fisher, Sun Jul 7 20:00
        Maria, I am interested to know what types of books have you done for read aloud in fourth grade? I am trying to read as much as I can this summer to prepare for the school year, however; the summer... more
        • Read Alouds - lohrmk, Mon Jul 8 11:03
          I have done all sorts of books for read aloud. I've read Harry Potter, Fever 1793, The Lemonade War (a favorite), Percy Jackson, The City of Ember, Sedako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, The Tale of... more
          • Thank you! - Heather Fisher, Mon Jul 8 11:20
            Thank you so much for the read aloud ideas. I just pinned alot of fourth and fifth grade read alouds to my Pinterest board "Tools for Literacy." I agree that "big kids" still want to be read to and... more
      • Congratulations!!!! - Cristina Ward, Sun Jul 7 17:42
        Hi Maria, I'm so happy for you. You are almost there...!!! I'm also glad that you will have more time to spend with your children, especially your son, who will be transitioning into Kindergarten.... more
        • Thank you - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:17
          Thank you!!! I am so glad to be finishing up. It has been a busy summer but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!
          • Re: Congratulations! - Cristina Ward, Sun Jul 7 18:22
            You really should be proud of yourself, not only for the step you took in the beginning, to start with your Master's, but to finish it up ( especially having all the extra chores and little babies at ... more
            • Tell me about it! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:37
              Yes, they don't really understand that mommy has to do work right now and dinner doesn't cook itself. I have probably typed nearly half of all of my papers for this program with a child either... more
      • Re: Maria Lohr - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 16:12
        Maria, Way to go! I bet its feels great to start your final class to complete your Master's Degree. Based on your bio, I bet you stay very busy. I hope you are enjoying your summer with your... more
        • Thank you! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:25
          I have had a very busy summer so far. Last session I took teaching the language arts in addition to product and seminar. It was a lot of work but I enjoyed all that I did and learned, so that made it ... more
          • Re: Thank you! - Lindsay Aaron, Mon Jul 8 19:13
            I agree. I have enjoyed working with such a great group of ladies!!!
      • relaxing - Karie Steelman, Sun Jul 7 15:39
        I just finished my 3rd teaching and I get so focused on planning and worrying about everything. My co-workers have said I need to let go sometimes (even though they spend HOURS after school). SO my... more
        • Tea, etc. - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:49
          Yes, I remember staying till 8:00 at night my first few years of teaching. You do have to take some time for yourself or you will burn out. I still stay till about 5:00 most nights but I just try to... more
      • hugging agreement - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 14:46
        I have three grown boys who all hugged both my wife and me until they were 7 or 8. The oldest and youngest hugged longer. None of them hugged me often as teens, but now that they're college age and... more
        • I hope so! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 19:07
          He was never one to snuggle, not even as a baby. He has his moments but they don't last too long. He's just so busy off and doing something, exploring. I figure, regardless, I want to hug him and so... more
      • Maria - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 11:54
        I'm from Wilkes :) Which school did you teach at? I can't imagine going through the program and having such young kids, so I'm sure you're excited to be graduating!
        • Wilkes - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 18:55
          I taught at Mountain View Elementary for two years (2007-2009).
    • Natalie's Introduction - Natalie Kabel, Sat Jul 6 22:45
      My name is Natalie Kabel. I will be graduating from the program in August WOOOHOO!!! I have been teaching in Winston Salem Forsyth County for 6 years now and I am really enjoying it! I am excited to... more
      • Re: Natalie's Introduction - Debby Wyant, Mon Jul 8 22:07
        Natalie, I too have family in Pennsylvania, close to Erie. Love spending time there in the summers. As you probably know, the winters there are brutal, but I still go every Christmas. Got stranded... more
      • reply-Natalie - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 10:33
        Hi Natalie, Congratulations on your impending graduation and Happy 'late' Anniversary. Children are wonderful, but take your time and enjoy each other because it goes by so fast--you blink and its... more
        • Re: reply-Natalie - Natalie Kabel, Mon Jul 8 14:02
          Hey Cindy! It's funny because my husband and I are staying at the Holiday Inn Vacations Club in South Myrtle. If that's the same one you are talking about :) So I guess you'll be going to Disney on... more
          • reply - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 14:36
            There are 2 Holiday Inns in South Myrtle so if you are staying at the one they call South Beach resort that has 3 pools, then that is ours. My daughter refers to it as her 'green house' and the... more
      • Natalie Kabel reply - Heather Fisher, Sun Jul 7 20:06
        Natalie, Congratulations on your anniversary and graduating in August! Did you say that you were moving classrooms or grades? I remember you talking about that before, but I could not remember what... more
        • HI Heather - Natalie Kabel, Mon Jul 8 14:03
          I am moving classroom and not grades (thankfully). I am getting more used to Imagine It. I still don't like it but oh well ;) I LOVE the reading clinic!! It is so much fun and a great way to have my... more
      • near completion - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 14:50
        You're one of the lucky folks in terms of timing. I feel for the folks taking heavy loads this summer and this fall in order to finish this calendar year. I feel even more for the folks that have... more
        • Thank you! - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 15:04
          Dr. K, but we couldn't have done all of this without all of you at appstate who have bent over backwards to help us! SO THANK YOU!!!
      • Congratulations - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 14:22
        Natalie, I bet you are really excited to be graduating and to be celebrating your anniversary. That's great! Congratulations! Dr. Koppenhaver is really awesome with implementing technology in the... more
      • Congrats! - hobsonkd, Sun Jul 7 12:43
        Congratulations on your anniversary! Where do you teach in WSFC? My mom teaches first grade at Vienna Elementary. :-)
        • Re: Congrats! - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 15:05
          I teach at Easton Elementary School
      • Natalie Reply - Robyn Pickering, Sun Jul 7 11:57
        Congratulations on your anniversary! I love swimming as well. It's almost the only reason I have a YMCA membership :) Myrtle Beach is a fun vacation spot. I just went a week ago. If you take your... more
        • GOOD!! - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 15:05
          OHH Good to know!! Thank you :)
        • Also--- - hobsonkd, Sun Jul 7 12:53
          Natalie, I was unable to locate your email but I live in Winston-Salem and was wondering if you wanted to be a part of my "Tech Club Group" -- Being in the same area could be helpful incase we need... more
          • "Tech Club Group" - Cristina Ward, Sun Jul 7 17:56
            Hi, I was wondering if I could join your "Tech Club Group", as I also live in Winston- Salem. :)
            • Tech group - Natalie Kabel, Mon Jul 8 13:59
              We need one more person in our tech group, we have Kassy Hobson (who lives in Winston) and Paige Moretz. If you want to join email Kassy or myself and let us know!
              • Tech Group - Cristina Ward, Mon Jul 8 14:39
                Hi Natalie, I'm from Lewisville and would love to join your group! :)
          • Re: Also--- - Natalie Kabel, Sun Jul 7 15:06
            I did get your email. I will email you back but that sounds good!
      • Yay August! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 10:03
        Congratulations fellow graduate!!!
    • Dave's Intro - David Koppenhaver, Sat Jul 6 18:37
      I am a professor in the Reading Program just concluding my 8th year at Appalachian State. I teach courses in reading methods (particularly around students with disabilities), Teacher as Researcher,... more
      • Intro Reply - Cindi Bradshaw, Mon Jul 8 10:03
        It is kind of ironic that in your second paragraph you mention that "2 years ago the legislature thought it would be wise..." I find myself affected by the same knide of "wise legislature" as we sit... more
        • it is a shame - koppenhaverd, Tue Jul 9 16:02
          The only good thing is that by cramming, you will be one of the last group of teachers to get supplemental pay for a Masters for the foreseeable future. Certainly not ideal for learning.
          • Ideal - Cindi Bradshaw, Tue Jul 9 16:49
            When it comes to our legislature and education I don't think they have a clue what ideal is. Personally, I never entered the program for the money because it is not that much so I was not please at... more
      • response to Dave's Post - Marcia Cornett, Sun Jul 7 21:03
        Hi Dr. K. I am excited about this class. I am eager to learn different technological strategies for reading. My oldest son is an avid reader but my youngest could care less. I cant wait to try some... more
        • done - David Koppenhaver, Mon Jul 8 17:12
          Let me know what he thinks.
      • Re: Dave's Intro - Lindsay Aaron, Sun Jul 7 16:16
        Dr. K, I am so excited to be taking another one of your classes. I hope to take up gardening in the future. I just bought a new home and want to begin growing some vegetables in the back yard. I was... more
        • thanks and good luck - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:14
          I'm glad to have you in class again. Hope you get a better balance of rain and sun for your garden than the mountains have provided the last two years.
      • Re: Dave's Intro - Breanna Hooks, Sun Jul 7 16:11
        Dr. K, Isn't it great to see what our legislature thinks is wise regarding education. It seems that no one in education agrees with them! I wish there was a way for them to spend some time in... more
        • tomatoes and legislators - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:16
          Shame about your garden. There is nothing as good as a fresh-picked garden tomato. On the other hand, if Moral Mondays continue as they have, there may be a need for Tomato Tuesdays:-) Freshness... more
      • I was in your class! - Karie Steelman, Sun Jul 7 15:27
        I was in one of your reading classes during Block in undergrad! I still remember the Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten activity when you showed us what it is like for children to learn... more
        • glad you're still teaching - koppenhaverd, Mon Jul 8 17:18
          Great to have you in class again, and glad that you're still teaching and learning! Thought your face looked familiar. Do you remember what year?
          • memory lane - Karie Steelman, Mon Jul 8 21:09
            I can't remember which year it was, I'm sorry!
      • Gardening? - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 14:18
        Dr. K., I had no idea you gardened! My family is big into gardening, and I get tickled at them with the weather. Last year all I heard was how we needed rain. This year all I hear is how the rain... more
        • your family is right - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 14:42
          One extreme to the other. The endless Boonesoon Season has drowned some plants and stunted growth. And no end in sight...
          • Boonesoon! - Paige Moretz, Sun Jul 7 14:47
            I love that term! I'm sorry about your plants. I've not heard how my grandmother's garden is going--just that if it doesn't dry up things will start rotting!
      • Fun Fact - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 10:14
        One of my nieces attends Catawba College. She just finished her freshman year. I had honestly never heard of the school before she told me that she was interested in going there (about two years ago) ... more
        • Catawba son - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 11:04
          He loved Catawba. Small enough that he couldn't get lost. He was a theater tech major, and they have a first-rate theater program. Hope she has as great a time as he did.
          • Too funny! - lohrmk, Sun Jul 7 11:17
            My niece is a theatre tech major too!
            • Small world - koppenhaverd, Sun Jul 7 13:09
              That's a really strong program at Catawba. He was all lined up to be the Asst Tech Director at Blowing Rock Theater, and then they shut down about the time he graduated. He did a bunch of 1-wk to... more
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